A Ghost In The basement

I remember when I was little, 5 maybe. I was playing hide and seek with my brother. Our house was three levels. The basement where the playroom was, a laundry room and my brothers room, then a small staircase, maybe 5 or 6 steps to the main floor where the living room and kitchen was. Then another 5 or six steps up to the other three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Anyways. I was searching for my brother. It was sunny outside and my mom was out watering the garden. I was looking all around the upper two floors and could not see him any wear. All that was left was the basement. Standing in the living room I could see the entire basement. I stood at the top of the stairs and looked down into the large room. The room was separated in half by a brown couch and chair set. From behind the chair I could see a arm...or a foot....my memories can't quite remember the appendage I saw. I called out "Derek, I see you....Derek I know your behind the chair....You might as well come out!"

I looked down as I descended the stairs so I wouldn't trip. When I reached the bottom I didn't see the appendage anymore. so I walked over and jumped out around the back of the chair to expose my brother. No one was their. His room was beside the chair, so I went in and looked for him, thinking he had crawled into the room, but no brother. Then I heard his voice coming from the front yard. So I ran up the stairs and opened the door. He was standing talking to my mom. I said "How did you get out here?" He said, "What are you talking about?", my mom said "He's been out here for a while?", I said "No, he was just in the basement, I saw him hiding behind the chair" mom said, "No, he has been out here the whole time".

I didn't go back in the basement by myself for a long time. That was my first experience I remember with a...ghost? I don't know if it was or not but I swear on my life I saw a limb sticking out from behind the chair.
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That's creepy....I wouldn't have went back down there alone again ever........ :-0