Hooded Monk

When I was 20, I lived in a Hall of Residence at University.I awoke in the middle of the night facing my wall. In my ears was a loud buzzing noise like being near a powerful electricity wire. I had my eyes wide open , but when I tried to move I couldnt move my body at all. I was paralyzed. I was really scared that I had broken my spine in the night, so I lay there looking at the poster on my wall in the faint light. After a while the buzzing stopped and I could move again. I turned over to switch on my bedside light and there standing next to my bed was a hooded figure. Black and like a monk standing over me.
I was scared and unable to speak and the figure didnt move. I could eventually open my mouth and said "What do you want"
The figure instantly disappeared. I never saw it again, and never found out what it was.
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i was about 10yrs old and got up one night get a drink. I put my mouth beneath the kitchen tap and drank. As i finished and raised my head I saw a dark robed figured standing in a door way about 5m away. It was hooded and looked like a francescian monk which is weird since i live in new zealand and theres no history of monks here. It had no face just a black void and didn't move. I froze for a few secs then ran back to my bedroom and hid under the covers. Ive never seen it since and 25yrs later its fresh in mind still. I have drug abuse problems and from time to time get suicidal as an adult. I cant help but wonder if this entity attached itself to me and has caused me probs ever since. Looking for people w similar exps and hopeful of finding out more about this entity