I know some of you might find me crazy or stupid, but I know what ghosts are trying to tell me. So, I give people what I know ghosts are trying to say to them, if they have ghosts dreams and such. Anyhow, I hear and see ghosts and yeah... you can say I am crazy now. Well, it is because my grandpa's ghost visited me at my grandma's house, and he told me how he died, and how his son pushed him between the two beds. That is how my grandpa got his hurt leg, and had always had to go get pain meds for it. My grandpa of course looked 18 years old, when he died when he was 80 or 90 or around there. Anyhow... ghosts tell me what they went through and so forth.
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You're not crazy.<br />
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I saw the ghost of one of my dead dogs a couple of weeks ago. She was 16 when she died and the last few days of her life weren't great, she was really thin and on the last day her legs became paralysed, but when I saw her she was 7/8 years old, really chunky and in good health. It was really nice.

You arent crazy.

are you serious? that is so crazy, well i had dream about my grandma who died in september and she didnt look like a ghost but i knew she was died in my dream!! i always feel like she is disappointed in me, and is looking down on me! i wish there was someway you could tell me if this was true or not!