The Skeptic And The Poltergeist UPDATED!!!!

For many years, I have been obsessed with science. As a child I did not even believe in Santa and insisted on proving it to my parents before I could even speak in full sentences. No matter what, the INTJ inside of me has never truly accepted "spirits", but consistently I have been proven wrong. Most recently I had been quite upset that my electric toothbrush went missing after Thanksgiving, I had spoken with everyone if they had taken it, my fiance' and I looked everywhere. I do believe that I had misplaced it on my own, or my sibling had while here for the holidays due to her love of messing with me. My fiance' and I live together in an apartment with special locks so no one can get in unless I am here to open it for them from the inside that we always use before bed. That night I had went to bed, teeth only cleaned by Orbits gum and listerine (extremely irritated as well). My fiance' went to bed a bit later after me and the next morning I saw my toothbrush in it's charger, standing up. My fiance' thought that I found it, and I thought that my fiance' found it. We both blamed each other! Since my medication has not allowed me to take ambien I know that it isn't me, I prefer not being inebriated as well as my fiance'. We speculated that perhaps my "mom" snuck in while we were asleep (perhaps she had found my toothbrush at her house in my sisters things we thought, and perhaps she snuck in and put it back to avoid an argument)- but the top lock can only be opened from the inside and was locked, thus we debunked anyone sneaking in. My fiance' heard clambering from the bathroom that morning and assumed it was my cat. Eventually we settled on the fact that it must have been paranormal because this sort of activity has followed me my entire existence, and Lisa Williams even said things to literally make me believe her. My fiance an avid atheist had never believed or witnessed anything paranormal until he met me and it took quite a while for me to be honest, that indeed I am haunted it seems. Mannequin head being knocked over, dolls, candles, disembodied voices, scratches, and shadow figures soon became a part of "the norm" for our relationship. My teeth are extremely important to me, so losing my fancy toothbrush while being extremely broke due to saving up for the holidays left me wondering what to do, we couldn't find it anywhere - but my friendly poltergeist made sure I had it less than 2 days after it went missing, after we finally decided that it could not be debunked and was indeed paranormal I saw a shadow in the bathroom. I tried debunking it, but I could not. My fiance' and I are convinced that it was my friendly poltergeist helping me out and feeling better. we said thanks, and since then more noises have occurred.


PART TWO!!!!  Things have changed.  A lot.

So, a while ago I wrote a bit about my poltergeist experiences in my new apartment.   I had thoroughly followed directions on how to, "cleanse" the home of "spirits".     It was quiet, for a while.   Things started to change dramatically when a friend I had been missing and I had began speaking again.  Around the same time we usually will start trying to call or text, we've been friends for years but even now he is still a skeptic.  I say, even now because the story I have to tell - is an interesting one.   It started with a shadow, in front of the bathroom where my fiance' was standing, only slightly behind.  I saw the shape of a young thin girl in black shadow behind him - peeking at me.  There is a small decorative enclave the size perhaps of a square foot where a very thin young child could fit to my surprise I had discovered.  Generally, small things like that I didn't notice in architecture for it held no value to me.  Directly in this situation though, it revealed that something conscious was standing in an area behind my fiance' that I hadn't even realized was there - a small thin girl and there was only room for a small thin girl there.   Then, more and more poltergeist activity had been happening daily.  As a soon to be-ish housewife (a lot more stuff to do than you'd think) I spend a lot of time at home, at the apartment watching the dwarf lionhead bunny and the old grumpy cat whilst cleaning and whatnot, doing bills, etc.  Things kept moving.  I kept leaving rooms only do discover small things being moved at first, such as my favorite decorative wine bottle filled with special gorgeous branches I made to make a lovely little arrangement moved towards the edge - more and more, until it nearly fell off.  There was a light ceramic cat next to it, if it had been from constant vibrations - wouldn't both be on the edge for the ceramic cat was far lighter.  I just pushed it back, not caring.     Simple things turned into large things, I could easily blame a knocked over glass on a cat or loose floorboard but then - in front of my eyes the glass on my table was pushed an inch towards me.  It happened multiple times, most times me ignoring it until I walked into the room - and the entire table along with the rug it had been on was moved about 2 feet and slightly diagonally, the rug of course completely messed up.  Physically I knew it was impossible for my cat or bunny to have done it, perhaps a large dog.  Even I myself have problems moving that table by myself.  There were piles of change I arranged for the bank to be put into coin rolls then cashed (like 20 dollars in dimes and quarters) - I foolishly stacked the dimes super high and ... they had remained in place.  Surely if a rabbit or cat had jumped into the table the change piles would have knocked over.  Every - single - pile (over 20, at least 12 of them were piles of delicate little dimes, the rest just quarters) was perfectly fine.  My fiance' knocks more stuff over on accident.     My friend did not believe me, and so my fiance' who both knew that last time when we did the chant for him to see stuff ("So and so wan'ts to be able to experience the supernatural etc." x3 with the person who wants to see it saying it at the same time - worked) ... well we did the little chant for our friend and... my friend didn't knooow it at the time.     He had no idea of a specific entity I had encountered throughout the years, others have seen her full apparition and felt her.  Always the feather touch, her laying in bed, or appearing frightfully with hair flowing from her like tendrils in a gauzy dress and a very distinct face.  She looks very similar to my fathers side of the family and my friend and I decided she was a good Bindh Sidhe (sp).  Since we are one of the 5 families (I'm not giving out my last name) there are good and bad banshees.  Basically the fact that she would scream or frightfully appear as such (we're not saying she WAS a banshee but she might just appear like that to scare away people she didn't like me associating with) made us think of banshee.     Going into her story, is an entire other story.  All one must know is that I kept her a secret close to my chest, and the friends who described her were ALL terrified boys who .... at one point might have been mental about me in the romantic sense.     Anywaaaay, so she was seen by my friend who moved literally thousands of miles away and he still doesn't know my fiance and I asked her specifically to go pay him a "visit".  He texted me, he sort not to freak out - freaked out describing what he saw (he described her and being laid in bed with and touched and everything just like my sister, me, my friend, my mom, everyone I know - but she only scares the boys who like like me in a really obsessive way... so I wonder why she scared him so horrifically.  I prefer to think it was because he's a nonbeliever and she just doesn't like him.).  A week or so prior I had drawn all of the spirits that I have seen that sort of pop up now and then, I prefer to imagine that I imagine them, only when someone is describing them verbatim to you (and they do not believe in anything including god or ghosts) then that is sort of creepy.  There were 3 drawings, I took a photo with my cell and asked him to pic which one it looked like most, 2 were females and one was male.  He chose - Angela.  He was unnerved at how her face was similar, only she got angry when he freaked out at her laying in bed stroking his arm and he said she went into the corner of the wall and her hair floated like a lions mane and she had only black holes - not eyes.    "Typical Angela..." I said to myself.  She was named after Angelo, she appeared hair like tendrils looking dead in his rear view mirror and stayed in his car for a stop light.  He was not into that sort of thing or witnessed that sort of thing before I met him, mind you - this male also had an unhealthy obsession with me.  Both sort of did.     I told him to just be respectful, acknowledge she's there but he did not.  I figured she would give up anyway and come back.  She has since come back - to aid me in the little girl poltergeist.   She turned a chair to face me while I was cooking in the kitchen - an entire fancy recliner was FACING ME.  No animal can do that, a human can hardly do that unless they're a big guy.  It all happened within a few minutes too, I was just getting something I was cooking and turned around with like a hot dog and there the chair was turned facing me like someone was sitting in it waiting for me to turn around.   I turned the chair back around, and went and ate my hot dog.     I went to light my candles I used to sage things, and the next thing I knew ... I could not find a wick in one of the newer ones.  It had been removed.     I confirmed with my fiance' that he did not do it to mess with me.     Then... really messed up stuff happened.   As I dug through the white candle wax, a brownish red fluid smelling of flowers (it was a scented candle but of laundry detergent not flowers) started pouring out of the candle.  It looked... like blood.  I poured it out, a lot came out.     I made sure all was poured out.   Set it back down and looked at the fluid which I thought was just a dark brown and put my finger tip in it, it was thin but stained my fingers a dark wine purple red.  Like vinegar or something like that.  I wiped it up, and then looked at the candle again and through where the wick should have been a dark blood colored fluid started just...rising to the surface with force - like when you get your blood drawn.  I convinced myself the candle was messed up, as I continued to pour the dark liquid getting redder and redder out of the candle onto the glass table.  I wiped it up.  Pushed it to the side, and I saw more and more fluid fill the sides of the small glass candle.  Seemingly from nowhere.   Then, the moment I decided the candle was just faulty another candle in a slightly different shade of white and scented vanilla started SPEWING out the same red stuff, same scent, just as strongly as if blood was being drawn.  I poured it onto the table, amazed because that candle had been burned down to the bottom, I knew for a fact nothing had been put into it.  There was no wick left either, no dark stuff in it.  Just a little pathetic candle waiting to be tossed away - gushing a dark red liquid from nowhere smelling of flowers infront of my eyes.     I took photos and put them on facebook, trying to downplay it.     My friends and I were offput by something we noticed, on a napkin I left where I poured it onto the table, then placed a regular napkin on it and left not caring, an image (moreso than matrixing) had appeared.  That of either a Buddhist Monk praying or... what I thought it was, a child sleeping with its thumb brought to its face, under a cover.  We all saw those two things, but the child was a very creepy coincidence - for my fiance' and I had - HAD - been, talking about starting a family.  Trying for children.   It was an eerie "See? I'm paying attention to what you say." moment I could not dispel.     My fiance' came home, I was unnerved, especially by the dried blood child image thing, and he downplayed it.     As did I.   Things kept moving, things kept happening, then I saw the full blown apparition (just black shadow shape very distinct), then I saw as he was looking at me a black orb go under his arm and I asked "Did you SEE THAT?!"  It was so distinct, he did not.     We discussed it, he had been very anti seeing anything at that time so he besieged the spirit to appear only to him, to annoy only him.  Or face exorcism.     The night after I saw the shadow figure, my MP3 player on my smartphone (android and you know how finicky that is) was turned onto Lucid Dreaming.  Generally, I would say when in a haunted place, "Ok if you want to communicate just try communicating with me in my dreams."  Only rule, I didn't want to see them experience them, NOTHING in real life.  Nothing.     I woke up with a start to a binaural beat of lucid dreaming halfway through, about an hour through.  It had somehow been turned on despite me running a heavy peaceful music program where I set up rain, windchimes etc.     I didn't like that.   Next thing I knew, my mom came over with Nopal Cactus juice.   She said, a little african american girl bouncing off of the walls came to her in her dreams and MADE HER PROMISE for us to drink the cactus juice, especially me.  I have rather unnerving health, arthritis and many things to deal with a 24 year old should not have to deal with.  Lots of pain and swelling in the joints to the point my skin tears.  I decided since I had not told my mother or father or really anyone about the girl I have nicknamed Molly, that I would do as the girl promised.  I drink 2 tablespoons of the cactus juice every day.     It's been a month or so and my swelling in my joints has reduced about 20 percent, on its own.  From the juice.  It turned out to be an anti inflammatory that actually existed, the girl was so specific too in the dream to my mother naming a cactus plant related to it.     I forgot what it's called but it's all but too rare.     Amazingly the organic anti inflammatory has worked enough for me to take it every day, my skin still swells and yet it only tears a tiny bit now and the redness had reduced to barely any but on a bad day.     The fact that my MOTHER was so detailed, and she just showed up with it - my fiance and I both looked at each other as she described the girl.  My mother instantly knew that we knew something she had not.  Thus, she was told the story you all just read.   At my most angry a cartoon started playing as I stood up, at my most freaking out on my fiance' Angela put her hand on my back so strongly I thought my cat had done it only to see he was in his bed feet away - then when acknowledged I felt a stroke on my knee, a comforting one.    My fiance' and I are both skeptics.   We're both sort of believers.   We're both not religious.   String theory?    Other dimensional beings, displaced energy?     We won't know - until we're dead.  
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Shuuun! Shun the nonbeliever! Jk this is very interesting.. but the thing is, spirits always mess with those that do not believe, simple because they usually don't respect them at all. I don't use the term ' poltergeist ' because I don't like that 'term'. Its either a demon or good spirit. Because it was a shadow, id say it was a demon. And yes, demons love scientists because they always try to explain everything. Strong demons are the ones that like to take things

On the subject of spirits not respecting those who do not beleve. Me and my dad were in his car heading home after a long trip when i noticed what i would call a shadow ghost in a tree. I did not feel any strange emotion i was facinated but i am used to seeing ghosts an am a strong believer. My dad on the other hand told me he felt threatened and that he wanted to make it go away. What you said supports this experiance of mine.

Demon? Then... look at the updated entry. Flower smelling bloody weirdness.

I am in no way an expert,. But i found your encounter fascinating. Maybe it is a poltergeist. Because this type of entity is notorious for moving things then putting them back, Sometimes in places where you'd never think of looking. A mischievious spirit. "The Poltergeist"!

Thank you for sharing your post. :D

Thanks, yeah things got waaaay crazier after the original post so I edited this and included pictures. O_O