I Had A Couple Of Experience.

But, it's what to do about them.

I had some heard crying, whispering, seeing things pass by, feelings of someone there. Someone shaking my bed. And some experiences that someone taping the wall. Some screaming. Walking to a mall, seeing some white cloud that looks like someone walking. And a price tag rubbing against my hand. And no one was there. I seen someone that looked like a galactic figure walking. A hand of someone behind my head broad. Being tapped on the head. Had things appear in weird places.

Althought, I promise I have schizophrenia. And I hope this experiences is not it. I like to know I found a ghost. But, I think it should not be a happy thing. Because I think ghosts are demons. I just don't need it.
Icefloret Icefloret
26-30, F
Dec 8, 2012