I Don't Think So Personall...

I don't think so personally.  I've been in places that were haunted but I've never actually seen anything.  I live pretty close to Tombstone and it is said that at 3 am you can see all the ghosts of Tombstone walking along the streets.  My friends and I have always wanted to go check it out but we've never actually done it.  In Bisbee another place close to where I live its said the the Copper Queen hotel is haunted.  I actually watched a show on TV were they were trying to prove it and they actually in my opinion did.  My friends and I have talked about spending the night there and again we haven't actually.  We talk alot but no follow through.  Maybe we're scared!
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1 Response May 19, 2007

I live in Missouri (St. Louis) and one of our major haunted places is Lemp Mansion I've seen lots of tv shows on it, weird things have happened and me and my boyfriend have talked about staying the night there to see if we can encounter a ghost we haven't yet though maybe we're scared too.