I've Seen Them

I've seen them.  I've also heard them.  At a friend's house I've seen a man that I used to know, he had lived there previously.  At my former employment, I saw a person that showed themselves to others frequently, there I also heard the chanting and ritualistic music of Indians just before the death of an Indian woman of whom I was very fond of.  There have been other instances, but these are ones that I could not just "blow off".

Oh yes, and another time where there were footprints leading to a person who "fell"  this person could not have sustained so many injuries from a fall.  This person was beat up by some "thing".  After the ambulance took this person away, the footprints were mysteriously gone.  I have people tha can back up most of these instances.


silvermystics silvermystics
51-55, F
May 20, 2007