Shadows And Earwigs

It was the 13th of November and me and my two best friends Maisie and chloe were on the park.

I was on the swing while Maisie and chloe were sat on the red park bench. After about half an hour I got bored so I went up to them and asked them what they want to do now ,chloe said That she wanted to camp out because she had a tent for 4 people and So we all rang our mums and dads to ask them if we could .Our parents said yes but only if we camped out in the back garden , we really wanted to camp out on the felid but my back garden had to do :(

At 5 pm we all met up and set out the tent it took us about an hour it was so hard to work out anyways we ended up in the tent by 7 pm but we weren't laid down we were all sat together on our I phones I had an I phone five like chloe and Maisie had iPad 3 because she had broken her phone.

We were searching up scary games to play at sleepovers on the Internet I found the ouija board and as soon as I said it Maisie pulled one out so we all got exited . We read about it on the Internet and I got scared so I didn't play it . First they put their hands on it and asked ............. Comment if you want the rest of the story
Chuckychuck Chuckychuck
13-15, F
Jan 7, 2013