Thanks to a member of this group choosing one of my answers as best (unrelated subject) I saw your group name on his profile and I decided to share my story here, I have told several people since the occurrence, the only person that I know for sure believed me was my mother Linda, she passed away last Februrary, and on her memory, along with everything else that I love, I swear that everything I say, I believe without any doubt to be true.

December 14th 2009

First I need to give some information that will give you the objectivity that my friends and family have.

My name is Dave, at this time I was 36 yrs old, I was working as a doorman at a very popular late night (5 o'clock) bar in downtown Chicago, I was also living in the bar due to a recent break-up, the third floor of the bar was only open on weekends or for private parties, there were 3 couches that customers would......use for more than just sitting, (not quite what you are picturing but bad enough) and after we closed down every morning thats where I slept.

I have done a lot of drugs in my life, not Keith Richards style, but I have always been a recreational drug user, weed has always been the constant, others were here and there, Cocaine was the drug of choice for a very long time, working in a club like that it was common, almost required, I drank some, but not a lot, anyway the bar closed at 5am, and open at 9am, when the Mexican who opened the kitchen got there (around 8) he would have a lot of work to do so I would get woke up a lot, okay now you understand the life I was leading so you can figure it in as we go.

Back to December 14th, actually now its the 15th, rowdy morning, hard time clearing the bar, just wanted to go upstairs an relax, I laid down on one of the couches, turned on the TV (suspended from cieling) and passed out, from exhaustion not booze, after what seemed like 30 mins I was woke up by a BANG! From downstairs, I assumed it was the Mexican opening the kitchen, so I closed my eyes, but not for long ”Daveeed” gooo mohning.........you dont sleep? Yep...it was the Mexican, ”I can't do this today” I thought... I need some rest, I was off that day, I called a friend of mine who worked for The Hilton Garden Inn (Mike) and told him I needed a room asap till tomorrow, he said I could check in at 11am, it was about 9:30, I got all my essentials and some clothes (kept in basement), went downstairs to the bar, had a coke and tasted something my mgr had picked up on her way in (forget what it was), around 10:30 I went out and got a cab ” the Hilton garden inn”

When I got to the Hilton, I have the girl at the desk my name and she said ” I'm sorry sir, your room is not ready yet, we have a non-smoking room ready if you would like (normally I would have and smoked anyway, but Mike booked it on his employee rate) I told her its fine, Im gunna go sit in one of those big comfy looking chairs until its ready, I sat down, after about 5 mins the phone rang at the desk and after she answered it she waved me back up, she was apparently talking with housekeeping, about garbage being out, when she hung up she looked confused and said, I have a room that's almost ready, there's some stuff that just needs taken out, do you want to go see it? I'm not sure what they meant, but you can go see if you want it, I said sure, what floor? She said ” it's on 18, go to those elevators, when you get off at 18 go to your right to the end of the hall it's room 1832”

When I got there it was at the end of the hall, there were two rooms in alitte hall section maybe 12 ft long, there was a room service tray outside on the floor next to the door, I went in.

Okay now I will describe the room layout as you enter

Door opens inward to the right with bathroom behind it
Closet on left 2 bifold doors
Past closet on left is large pantry approx 4 ft wide and to cieling, fridge on bottom, coffee pot tv movie guide,

Past pantry is dresser 6 drawer with flat screen tv on top (window its between pantry and dresser)

To the right is two queen size beds with nightstand between and lamp on wall above

Directly in front is a desk to the right of desk is another window, (corner room ) an easy chair in far right corner.

Finally! I bet you are thinking the same, Sorry, but it was all necessary for you to really appreciate the story. I walked over to the window by the desk, opened the curtains, and saw that it was snowing, really snowing like almost no visibility, so I grabbed my bag and went into the bathroom to put my toiletries out, I dropped my toothbrush, when I bent down to pick it up I heard the people in the next rooms bathroom talking loudly, so I tried to listen, I sat down on the floor and leaned under the counter (it was a marble counter open underneath) yes, I was being nosey, while I listened still not able to make out much, I decided to lay on my back and attempt to crack it by extending my arms all the way up, while laying on my back I saw dark blue dim light under the counter behind the sink basin, I figured it was a relection off of the floor on a pipe, so I slid under the counter to see where it was coming from, it was dim, but had a brighter lighter blue in places, so I slid my head all the way to the wall to get a better angle, It made no sense how out was reflecting under here, I leaned up and propped on my elbows, when I got about 2 ft from it I saw a face looking up at me as if I were looking down from the cieling, It happened so fast, I slid out of there instantly went and sat on the first bed, trying to.figure out what I saw, was it the neighbor reflecting through the water wall we share, I decided I just needed sleep,.so I laid on the bed using the headboard for a backrest, I couldn't stop thinking about it, but I was too freaked out to go look again,

As I sat there collecting my thoughts, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye on my left side (bathroom wall side) as I paid attention more I started realizing something was there, it was not a movement once, it happened every time I looked forward, a small almost transparent figure was to my extreme left, seeming to bend to touch the bed, the stand back upright, but when I looked that way...nothing, look forward.....there it is only visible in my peripherral vision, it looked like a girl, teenage from the size and clothing (no distinct traits, just shape, and fit)

At this point I am convinced that all the years of drugs and the shortage of REM sleep have fried my brain, so I decided to take advantage of the lack of other people around and I said ” I can see you, Im not afraid”

The figure (which I can only describe as reminding me of the weird girl from the breakfast club in apearance)

A few minutes later I saw something, the only thing I saw looking straight at it, a male body shape visible in the curtain of the window directly in front of me, appearing to be staring out the window, not moving, just standing there, as I sat there I began to see more figures around the room, I could see them peripherally, to fully understand, sit upright, look straight ahead, do not turn your head, or your eyes, ....there is a person approx 1 ft over your left shoulder.......that's where they stay. I must have convinced them that it was okay because they did not just appear then vanish, they were not flying around, the strangest thing was when fear changed to amazement, and I woul feel like a silent observer in a room full of people then realize how it would look to someone else, and that instant ”theres noone here but me would hit me
This went on all day, There's much more to tell, but I have typed all this from my android phone, if anyone wants to hear the rest, send me a message, I dont know what was going on, I felt a very sad presence later that night,.I have some theories about it, but I dont feel like debating religion and.such, I feel like I was just lucky, I believe I spent a day witnessing something that most people wonder about, their whole life

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Way too much unnecessary detail at the beginning, I had to scroll all the way to the bottom.

You should write more about this. Its very interesting!

Holy cow......it sounds like you found a portal or maybe because of your fatigue you were able to be more receptive to the other side.

I'd love to hear more if you had the time to post it.