A Few Times...

Each time it was at a boyfriends house (two different boyfriends)

One told me that he had a ghost living in the basement, another on the first floor and two more that lived on the second floor.

One night, he told me he could see them.  We had the lights down low, very dimly lit.  Sure enough I saw the silhouette.   The wall was a bit blue due to the dim lights, the 'ghostly figure' was much brighter white.  It spooked me pretty good.  Then my mind got the best of me and I swore I felt it walk by my feet.  My feet were hanging off the bed and suddenly felt cold.

These same ghosts had a tendancy to turn the TV off and on, sometimes turning up the volume on it too.  We discovered the TV on the first floor on quite a few times, even though neither one of us had turned it on.

With my other boyfriend,  we were living in a trailer.  His mom had passed away and he then lived there.  He was sure her spirit was still there.  I had one case where I was sure that she was.   We had a recliner that was right next to a heat vent.  Whenever the heater kicked on, the arm of the chair was pretty darn warm.

Well, every so often my arm would feel cold even though the heat was on.  I figured she had a tendancy to stand there or sit on the arm of the chair.
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Jun 25, 2007