Stupid Stalker Ghost.

Now I have never -seen- a ghost before, and I really hope I never do, but I have indeed heard them before, along with my family. In the house we currently live in, just about everyone has heard heavy footsteps in the hallway downstairs when everyone else was in their rooms, asleep. I've heard them when nobody else was home.
The creepiest thing for me right now though is the breathing I hear at the foot of my bed. It's so weird, and I can feel it get cold there too, and I can feel the breathing too. That's been happening for a while now, since around February and I have no idea why. I told it to go away once and then my mom said my little brother had heard it too. It follows me too, and I don't just hear it at night. It really scared me at first, but it's becoming more of an annoyance than anything.
I feel like such a crazy person going on about this. ^^" But I'm not lying.
Me and my mom have also heard a voice say something to us seperately. Now that scared the crap out of me because I was home alone at the time. xD
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There's a ghost of a little girl in my house, my famly members and I live with her quite peacefully but sometimes she's a bit to mischevous for our liking. <br />
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I am a wiccan and have put pentacles on each of our bedroom doors recently as she started coming into our rooms at night and waking us up by knocking things over etc. Since then it has stopped. <br />
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The pentacle means protection and wards off things you don't want. I don't know how well other religious symbols work but you could give it a try. Even drawing them on a piece of paper and sticking them on your door would work. Let me know if you decide to try it & if it helps. Good luck!

There is something in our house as well! The house is 3 yrs old we moved in a yr ago but we're already the 3rd owner of the house. Ever since we moved I always get the feeling that somethings or some one is beside me or follows me when I walk up the stairs from the basement. It tried to sit on me a few times during my sleep to get my attention (I have never experienced sleep paralysis b4 and I was not under any kinds of stress) and one time it was walking in my room I can clearly hear the foot steps walking back and forth... back and forth in the room (...funny that they actually walk instead of flow on air). Other then that everything is very peaceful I feel that there is a mutual respect between us even though I know it is alway around but it wasn't creepy at all. By the way I think "they" can feel what you feel because when it was trying sit on me I fight it off by thinking positive and mention GOD in my mind!

No...well some family members have passed away a year or so ago but I didn't really know them at all. I have no idea why this thing is around me almost all the time. *shrug* We've lived in our current place like four years now and the breathing only started this past February. o.O

It sounds scary as hell. Pardon the ex<x>pression.But I know what you are going through. Shortly after my father passed away I swear He came back to me as a ghost. It was scary. I set up a video camera and tryed to catch the ghost and it worked, after I seen the video I realized it was not my father, but IT was scary as sll get out. Hope you can get rid of your ghost. Swatches

Well my mom said she heard a man's voice behind her while she was getting ready one morning say "Hey...HEY" like it was trying to get her attention.<br />
I heard it say something similar while I was doing the dishes, from near the hallway behind me. I guess it's an attention ***** or something, lol, then again I'd probably want someone to notice me too if I was stuck in limbo. o.O

What did the voice say?