An Haunting Presence

One night may years ago, my best friend Shabaz was staying while the rest of my family was on vacation. Shabby and I were watching the movie Splash on the rented RCA CED player when all of a sudden the TV and CED player just shut themselves off. Shabby and I looked at each other in puzzlement. The other lights were still on, what caused the TV and CED player to turn off? As Shabaz started to put his thoughts into words and ask "what has happened" there came several lound noises from the basement. The sounds reminded us of chains clanking. We came to the conclusion that this needed to be checked out. So on our way to the basement Shabby grabbed a ballbat from the hall closet while I grabbed a knife from the cutlery holder by the stove. As we opened the basement door we saw that the light was on. Thinking that we might have left it on earlier, we nevertheless thought we should still check out the basement. As we descended the steps they seemed to make more creaking noises than was normal. The intensity of these creaking noises were as annoying as fingernails on a chalkboard. As we moved from the steps onto the cold concrete of the basement floor, the temperature seemed to drop by as much as 20 degrees. We started shivering, but were determined to check things out.  As we neared the bend in the basement the basement lights were shut off with an audible click. This left us in total darkeness. I can't begin to tell you how eerie that was. All sound seemed to stop and the only audible sound was our ragged breathing as we attempted to squash a bad case of panic, while our brains mulled over what to do.  As we were thinking we heard the stairs creaking. Quietly, with his voice almost too low to be heard Shabby said "oh hell". We slowly turned towards the stairs and carefully, moved to them. As we moved the creekings moved away from us towards the top of the stairs. As we ascended the stairs the heard another click and the lights came back on. When the lights came back on we were no more than a dozen feet from the switch and the top of the stairs and there was NO ONE visable at the top of the stairs by the switch. This was all getting too strange for us. Just then we heard the clanking noise from basement again. But instead of going right back down we grabbed two flashlights from the closet then decided to head back down again, with our weapons in tow. Well we got down to the bottom of the stairs, and started for the corner again, when we heard a click and the lights went out. So we both clicked on our flashlights, and then for whatever misguided reason Shabby yells out "Take this **** head" as he flicks his flashlight on. No sooner had the words passed his lips then the flashlights flickered a few times then went out. A wild laughing seemed to fill the air as our bowls filled our pants. Then with a click the lights came back on. Without even looking back we tore up the stairs like athletes at a track meet. As I passed the light swtich I flicked it off and slammed the basement door shut. Even though I've not heard anything fromt he basement to this day, both I and Shabby refuse to enter the basement. After all better safe than sorry.
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9 Responses Aug 28, 2006

something like that happened to me in my old ba<x>sement, I was washing clothes when the dyer door opened by its self in front of me, I ran up the stairs soo fast and refused to go back to the ba<x>sement

Fudge! Thats creepy.

The spirits only wanted human interaction, they weren'y trying to hurt or scare you. I am a paranormal investigator, if this had happened to me, I would have calmly sit on the stairs and interacted with the spirit or spirits. But then again, I'm a seasoned ghost hunter:)

or maybe it was trying to kill them lol

its my belief that ghosts dislike "ghosthunters"

Aah, I've got goosebumps.

You sure it wasn't Shaggy playing a prank?

Holy cow, That sounded spooky! You did a good job describing it.


thats weird...

thats insane