Wives That Feminize Their Husbands To Gain Control!

Yes, this does happen! It is the way it Needs to currently go. The Male Mind is taught from an early age that Boys are Better than Girls...we here know that is a Myth, but many Males believe that. Now there are Feminine Males as myself that voluntarily Feminize ourselves and look to see women Empowered, but for that Macho male, the act of Feminiztion will "Break" their Male Egos. Once a Feminine man is Feminized, it is "Over" as far as his being able to "Control" the Situation. This is what Women Need to do to Gain there Rightful Power over the Males. For a Woman to be Feminine is not a Big Deal, or for a woman to do activities in a skirt or a dress is once again No Big Deal...but for a Male....Forget it. Once he is Feminized, the woman Especially if she is wearing pants while the male is Skirted...Will be in Control! This is Why Male Feminization is Necessary. The More Feminine a Male becomes, the Less Powerful he will be. Imagine that...All the Violence that Males perpetrate on Society can be Greatly reduced through Feminization. If Women want to see a Better Society, it is their Duty to Feminize the Males in their lives. Here si a great example of what one woman accomplished with her husband. Enjoy...Learn...and Duplicate!!

I have a feminate husband, who now enjoys being very womanishly. It all started about 6 years ago, we were not getting along that well and were considering splitting when I took command over him. I had some goods on him that could have put him away for awhile in jail if he didn't go along with me, so I made him my sissy at home. I made him wear mostly little girls outfits with frilly panties and short dresses and pink. He had long hair at the time so I took his mid-back length hair, cut straight bangs in front and made him wear either 2 long braids or 2 Pig tails with ribbons, or I would give him long curls with ribbons. He didn't like it much at first but I told him who was boss and he was going to be my sissy at home whenever I wanted him to. He threatened to go get his hair cut short, but I told him that I would turn him in if he did, so he agreed to keep it long, as long as he could wear it in a straight pulled back ponytail for work or one single braid. This went one for months and after about 8 months, he was starting to get into it started wearing more and more girls stuff most of the time. He very seldem wore little girls clothing much after that but regularly wore short skirts, shorts, Pantyhose or dresses. By the end of the firstyear he was wearing girls stuff almost all of the time. He would wear girls jeans, or Slacks and blouse to work, then wear a dress or skirt at home or on weekends. He would go out in the back yard with shorts and top or skirt shorts and do lawn and garden work. The neighbors would just stop and stare at him. He loved the attention and started going out and sunbathing in a womens 1 piece swimsuit. He had his long hair first frosted, then bleached, tried red and went back to bleached blonde, which he continues to wear today. He started wearing lite makeup and gradually started wearing full makeup everyday just like a regular women. He totally got into being fem and we both enjoyed it together and became very close. We had a little boy almost 5 years ago, and he was hopeing for a girl, but we finally decided to dress him both as a boy or girl and see what we preferred. We dress him as a girl most of the time and he has the cutest long curly hair and evryone just assumes that he is a girl. My sister loved the way my son looked dressed up, so she now regularly dresses her son up as a girl along with her daughter. Now at almost 8, he has long wavy hair and just loves to wear dresses and girls pink pantsets. They both make the cutest looking girls and we probably will continue dressing them like ones. My husband wears pink panties all of the time and sleeps in a Babydoll nightie and has not worn anything male now for about 5 years. We did have one major event that about ended or togetherness a little over a year ago. He went on a business trip to Europe for a little over 3 weeks, when he got home he told me he had a surprise for me. Boy did he ever, he found a docter over there who agreed to castrate him, I was SHOCKED!!. He came home with hormones and has been taking them ever since. He convinced the docter that as long as he looked so much like a women, he wanted to become even more feminate looking and this was the quickest way to do it. Without the testoserone he became very womanly looking rather quickly and has grown a medium set of breasts and has developed a very womaishly looking figure with added roundness to his hips and butt. I was really stunned by this and had hoped he would have confided in me before doing this dramatic change. We had a great sex life and i did not wish for him to become a Non Male completely. But after some long talks and months, we both decided we were still soul mates and continue to be a very loving close couple and best friends. He has no desire to complete an operation to become a true woman and is just satisfied to be the way he is now. I love him very much and we are really a very happy and loving couple. He looks great as a woman, Not like a Knockout or anything, Just a Nice looking Blondish woman who you might pass at the store an never think twice that he is indeed a man. I am glad he is happy and I am also happy that he is this way to.
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wonderful story thanks for sharing enjoy life

I have been cross dressing for as long as I can remember. After prostate cancer removal my man parts don't work anymore and never will and it is shrinking rapidly to the point tucking is not required when I wear female clothing. I am looking now at having my testes removed so I don't get cancer there, but the other half of the reason is to assist in my feminization. My kids are grown up and living away. My wife is struggling a bit with my cross dressing. We are financially secure and do not need to work which is a blessing for my cross dressing. I am not happy in the knowledge that I can't have sex again with my wife, but happy to be able to dress as the woman I have always wanted to be without major re assignment surgery. Be happy. Gloria.

My best to you Gloria. You seem like a darling lady!

Best of everything to you. Happy Spring.

Fun fiction

you are a filthy disgusting woman. you were never attractive enough for an alpha, so you decided to destroy a sick omega male. **** you.

Patti please disregard this comment. Seems to me that he is someone fearful or jealous or both. I am soo happy for you and your husband. It seems to me that she is thrilled for how you helped her become the lovely person that she is.

f/u/c/k you arealman you are just a pin dicked male jealous of the power women wield over males

I too an im a chastity device, usually for long periods. In addition I do all the housework while dressed as a woman. At times it has been embarrsing as when UPS arrived. Of note, I am learning to feel more feminine and yes also more submissive. I feel this way without the sexual element due to the chastity device. As my wife is a natural leader and dominant this has improved our marriage;.

you are a ***

Your husband is soo lucky. You are quite a lady.

It easier if you have something against them to hold over their heads, then they will submit to anything including being sissified.

This is a wonderful story. Thanks sweetie.

that is so wounderful honey you are like me expect outside of being dress in little girl clothes at home an panties which i wear alll the time she has my penis lock in chastity also

The greater majority of cross dressing husbands are not gay or bi. this is a fact.

I\'m not gay, nor am I bi, but I dress as a girl 24/7 and yes I do get it up the arse a few times while in my dresses, but still I label myself as a strait guy.

you may be straight, but you don't have any self respect from a real man.

Now this is a really nice story, I give it the highest ratings possible, It's really nice to read a story about the wife becoming supportive of her cross dressing husband. not cuckolding him or degrading or belittle ling him. Not bringing in a third party to take over his role. again, I really like this kind of stories.. Joln

cuckolding is only a way to farther feminise the new feMALE wife to be, so I think it's a good thing in the end that women cuckold her ex-hubby and new gurl friend

you're ****** up

I agree, Bobby is cuckolded for sure. I had a two way mirror installed in my bedroom. Now Bobby can watch me getting pleasured and I dont have to look at him. Bobby gets to do what ever he wants to do to himself while watching me

you stupid selfish *****. you're aging and you will never be beautiful.

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wife has me lock in chastity in panties an punished
i am her submissive slave do as told i am long term lock up right now 8 months
i do all house work an yard work if not done corretly i am punished
our marriage is awesome

you make me sick

My experiences on EP include posts and comments about wives having sex with other men. This topic is of interest to me because it relates to my belief that a strong woman should control and help feminize her husband. And, if he loves her, she can help him be the female-like persona he so strongly desires.

she takes advantage of his weakness. you're a stupid piece of ****

Wish I had a girl Friend like you he is so lucky.

you must b emy wife and femm me tooo,,so lovely like your decision and way how your son made girly as father ..

What's the down side to all this? I don't see it at ll. I would welcome this in a nanosecond. I already like being a sissy. Why not jump in all the way and do it 24/7?

wish my wife would fem me up

Just dress up and let her see you and she will

That is a very hot fantasy of mine.


I must be sick. Because I like dresses and sometimes acting girly, I'd like ALL men to be sisified. I'd like women to control the world.

I already worship women, and I would GLADLY relinquish control. I would be glad to be feminine. It's so much more peaceful.

i completely agree with the RADICALFEMINIST!! FEMALES RULE!!!

Females are just superior to us males and should rule over us completely!!!

The vast majority of women want a strong dominant man. That is why this is less common by a million miles....Heck vanilla women even want dominant men. Even military women like my wife go weak at the knees being dominate. It is evolutionary , the natural male/female dynamic. Sorry to burst your bubbe, but most women would never femenize their man. Lol...silly crime excuse or not

Interesting but it doesn't change facts of human behavior. I appreciate it though. I know not everyone fits into nice little boxes. I'm speaking of the vast majority though. I didn't mean to be or sound offensive btw

Where do you have your stats on your vast majority?

My wife spanked me and put me in panties when she saw my comments here

There is nothing wrong with what you all believe...but implying that the majority of women are dominant and want femme men is hugely mistaken. Actually its just backwards

Show where it is backwards

No what I talking about is a major change that is coming up in society.

I'm glad yu have all wrong, sooner or later the truth will catch up,

just like it took us women some time to open up our eyes, but I will admit that there are still some that have there eyes closed and are keeping up a bad tradition of wanting to be dominated,

But that will pass just as we were always in skirts and dresses, most of us don't wear them any more. and those who do do it rarely.

Change doesn't come over night.

I don't think you took the time to read it all. between posting the time was to short.
read it all first and document yourself before coming back for seconds.

Document myself? Bossing me huh? Nice try. Reading them now, never claimed to be done. Feminist indignation and emotion will not change what is and always was. I'm not talking about dressesand fashion, I'm talking about the male female dynamic.

Dynamics is exactly that of what we are talking, By definition: A Dynamic sitation is a constant changing situation.

That what we are living these days.

Take the cuckoldry fetish. Which is a male fetish most men have to beg their wives to try. Once she does relent what dies she go for? A dominant male with bigger manhood to dominate her. Women are more likely to cheat while ovulating with

A man more dominant then her hubby. Its more then history its biology. Even women that do dominate do it by being dominated-to be dominated for that matter

I put them all on estorgens that would solve there big **** problem

you have a male macho, dinosouriain taliban mentally, I gess all you is women lke me, put a pill a day in your cofee will keep the macho away

My wife likes my *macho mentality*

She hasn't talk to me yet about that, I'm sure if she did, things would change. She see it in whole new way, then you might become the cockold, hihihihi

If I was your wife I's serve your coffee every day to show you how macho dominant you are my dear. And you serve all the healthy foods that contain nautarally phyto-estrogens in them. All nice and healthy for my dear man. hihihihi.

Until you need a bra, and your little wee-wee would get as small as my ****. Estrogens does wonder to macho like you. Talk to transexual they see the world with a little more emotions, and they feel a little more feminin, etc....

Maybe that's the type women you need to evolve into the perfect humaan being, hihihihihi

Very Well Said! Asia is Leading the Way in Male Femininity, and women and girls are Encouraging the Men and boys to be Weak, Pretty and Feminine! as Women Take the lead, Men will become Submissive and sweet.....Little Feminine Helpers for the Stronger Females!!!

Maybe some women are and will stay happier being dominated. I don't want to be your slave, but I don't mind following your orders, within reason, just like at work. I will do most anything, but there is ALWAYS a limit, for hims and for hers.

You are right, the future is Female. It's just hard sometimes to let go and embrace our true place. That's the problem of being an untrained male in a Womans world, stupid male ego.

you would serve that to me if you were my wife? Oh, I would love to have you as my wife!

male chastity should be required of all males!! FEMALE run companies could be started to maintain keys of unattached males for a fee!!
slave john

Great idea, anything to led males to total submission!

wouldn't much matter to me. I dont use it for anything but to pee anyway!

That day can't come soon enough!

Things you put up with.Were is the respect!Keep the faith.

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Your husband is very lucky to have you to love her. Your little girl and your sisters little one are lucky too.. You seem to be such a lovely kind lady. Wish there were more like you.

No woman should be dominated but should lead by the power of feminitity. Even Transgender women have the ability to use their femine ability to control a man to do what they want by their feminintity. Even if it is something you have on him or something special he likes, its it is a woman`s way to find the right man and keep him under wraps. billieannejames

Patti here our first of a sort of a disagreement, I guess It had to happen some day.

When say

"or for a woman to do activities in a skirt or a dress is once again No Big Deal..."

It depend on the activites and even there most of us (at least 99.5%) (expect for me) don't wear skirts or dresses any more in any activities maybe that why it no big for us women.

When you say :

"Especially if she is wearing pants while the male is Skirted" we see more new feMALES in skirts and dresses on the net with many piscs of them out side the house than we see women in skirts or dresses.
So that means she wiil have 99.5% of chance of being in pant any way you look at it.

When you say :

"Violence that Males perpetrate on Society can be Greatly reduced through Feminization", I saw A statics that say

"males were almost 10 times more likely than females to commit murder"
I guess testosterone must be hard to manage in a human being.
link of info:
And therefore if this true, than a little estrogenes will probably do some good to these people

when you say:
"I had some goods on him that could have put him away for awhile in jail if he didn't go along with me, so I made him my sissy at home"

I like that a good way to sissify or feminized HEr

And I like the fact thesHE choose to be castrated an to go all the way except for between the legs.

On the over all SUPER STORY

I love your story. I wish I could have a loving caring wife or friend like you.

Love this story.. I wish could find a supportive woman that would allow me to be one of the girls.

I hope so for you to. being a women feels great, If was born a man I think would have been miserable. and might have ended up castrated and on estrogens myself, but I got luck and mother nature gave me the right body.

Great story girlfriend, and with a happy ending!

What about your sexual needs? After your husband's castration it is unlikely that he can satisfy you any longer. Are you seeing other men now, while still married to you asexual husband/wife?

Well once sHe' castrated and on estrogens but of them will probably need a lover to fullfill there female needs. And the are many stories of well document cases wear the couple pick up a lover to fill there needs. I suppose this case will end up like that sooner or later regardless on how it is for now. unless they go lesbian or bisexual.

This is the best feminine story I've read to date. NO wife sharing, NO BDSM, just a wife who got control of her husband. and they are both happy with the conclusion..THis is the way it's supposed to be. The wife turned her husband into an Elegant Woman. Thank You and congratulations on a job "Well Done".

I wish to thank you for your contribution to making this a better world. it goes without saying that "the world needs less of the masculine and more of the feminine", but still many mothers and wives still haven't gotten the message. Your posting should serve an an inspiration to anyone reading it and I hope that many will emulate you.

Thank You so much MsCatherine! Have you seen my Blog on Male Femininity and Gender Role Reversal?

The trend has already started slowly but surely.