Women Feminizing Men!

HereHigh heels are a very effective means of training the sissy male. I use them
extensively in training sissies. But like every thing there is a correct and in
correct way to use them. First start out with a 4 inch shoe. I prefer one with
open toes and strappy as well as a spike heel. Anything higher will likely be
very uncomfortable right away and make it difficult for the trainee to walk.

The object is to teach the pansy to love his heels and to train his feet and
ankles to accept the high heels. This has a dual effect. First there is nothing
more feminine than a high heel so feminization takes place each time the wimp
wears his heels. Second, it is de-maleing to be placed into a show that makes
one vulnerable. Each time he wears them he is less of a man and he knows it but
can do nothing about it.

I prefer to at least start my sissies off in locking heels. That is heels that
once on have a locking strap so it is You who determines how long he stays in
them. This is very useful as I prefer to initial keep the sissy in them 24/7
yes even wearing them to bed! You can now purchase such shoes but back when I
began training sissies they were not available and since I did not have the
ability to put locks on I found a leather craft shop that made custom leather
items and went there.

Of course I am also into public exposure of my sissies so I took Sissie, my
sissified husband in training along. He was completely shaved, wearing panties,
bra and nylons with garter belt under a pair of women's jeans and unisex shirt.
The man who owned the shop was good looking and I felt this would add a bit of
intimidation to Sissie who had no idea what we were up to.

We went in the store and I took Sissie's heels out of my purse and asked the
clerk how I would go about getting locks put on the shoes. He smiled and asked,
"What do you want the locks for?" I replied, "so that they can not be taken off
until the key holder decides they should come off". He replied, "I see, so you
need them tight enough to prevent the foot from slipping out but not so tight as
to cut circulation is that correct?" I replied, "Yes that's the idea".

By now Sissie was red faced even though nothing had been said to him or
indicated about him. The man behind the counter was focused on me and I am sure
he thought the shoes were for me. He said, "We would need to put them on so I
can locate the proper place to put the lock". "Ok, no problem " I said and
called Sissie over, took the shoes back and handed then to him telling him,
"this handsome man wants you to put these on so he can fit you for the locks".
Sissie had already been exposed in many stores to many clerks and knew it no use
to resist so red faced meekly took the shoes and looked for a place to sit to
put them on. The man had now recovered and got the point and said, "I have a
chair in the back room, and perhaps it would be easier to do it back there". He
then said to wait a moment while he locked the door so we would not be

We then followed him into the back room where a chair was and Sissie sat and
took off his male shoes. Of course this revealed his nylons and the man
remarked, "I see, he wears pantyhose as well". I responded with, "no, they are
nylons not pantyhose sissy cuckolds do much better in nylons than they do in
pantyhose". "Kinky, very kinky" he said and smiled a huge smile. When Sissie
stood up in his heels his pants fell over the straps of the heels. The man
asked, `Can we do something about these pants being in the way.

His large **** bulge told me that the simple way of holding up the pant leg was
not the best choice so I told Sissie to sit back down remove his heels and then
his pants and then put his heels back on. I watched as Sissies fingers trembled
and the man's bulge got larger. Now it was obvious that Sissie also wore panties
and not just any panties but pink ones with white lace and red bows sewn on
them. That he was tucked and was wearing a garter belt to hold up his nylons.
The bulge was getting even bigger! Sissie stood there as a dutiful subservient
sissified husband should. He looked Sissie up and down and said to me, "He sure
isn't much of a man is he?" I laughed and said, "No, no he's not but he is a
great sissy maid and cuckold and does an excellent job of keeping my house
clean, laundry done and serving in his cute little French Maids uniform." I
actually thought I heard threads pop on the man's jeans and he noticed as I
looked at his bulge expecting it to pop right out of his pants! I smiled at him
and said, "If you fix locks on these heels I can fix that bulge". He smiled back
and said, "Lady you have a deal".

He quickly marked the shoes had Sissie take them off and did the work in about
ten minutes. He came back and told Sissie to try them on. They worked perfectly.
He then looked at me and asked if we still had a deal. I assured him he did and
moved in and kissed him. Sissie just stood there with no pants on head hung down
and I next moved to my knees and opened his zipper. He had a beautiful ****. I
would say 7.5 inches and thick. I kissed the head, licked it and then took it in
my mouth. I let both of them know I liked the ****…a lot. Then I took off my
panties and let him bend me over the desk and **** me three times. Sissie never
moved an inch. I was quite loud I must say as it felt very good and having it
done in front of a half dressed pansy made it extra wonderful.

We were both satisfied and when he pulled out I asked his name and he said it
was Mack. I told Sissie to remember that and Mack asked why. I explained that
when we got home Sissie would get to sew Mack's name and the date on the rear of
the panties I had been wearing, add some lace and bows and then he would get to
wear them like the ones he had on now. I then told Sissie to turn and bend so
Mack could see what I meant and there on Sissies left rear cheek was "David &
Rebecca" and the date sewn on. Mack liked that a lot and then I told Sissie to
thank Mack for the locks and for satisfying me. He did with trembling voice
which put a big smile on Mack's and my faces. Mack told him he was welcome and
that anytime we needed work done to come by and we would work something out!

I unlocked Sissies heels and had him put his pants back on but when he went to
put his male shoes on I stopped him and told him I thought he wanted to wear the
heels home or was I wrong. He agreed I was right, turned beat red and with shaky
hands put the heels back on to which I applied the locks. We only had one Black
to walk to the car but one passerby did notice and stared, oh well, its good for
a sissy to advertise!

But I digress, as the pansy gets used to each height increase it ½ inch to 1".
Take your time and comment how much you love to see him in heels, how nice they
make him look and be sure he has a nice selection to be proud off. Also this is
a great time to teach him how to care for his toe nails and keep them shaped and
painted at all times.

Heel training is very effective and important to the training of any proper
sissy. Use it and use it constantly for better results.

Madam Rebecca is a story from Rebecca on how she uses High Heels to Feminize Men. it is wonderful to see how Women are taking Control and Feminizing the Men in their Lives. Yaay for Female Empowerment!!

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Thank You so much for sharing Your story, Madam Rebecca! And thank You for being the Dominant Woman that You are! As a sissy, i appreciate a strong, intelligent, Dominant Woman who knows how to properly train us and put us in our place!

Madam Rebecca is so right! Wearing high heels is a very important part in feminizing your man both physically and mentally. Physically, wearing heels makes a gurl's legs look long and sexy, thrusts the wearer's bottom out provocatively, and forces the wearer to take short, mincing feminine steps. Mentally, the gurl is very aware that only women wear high heels in our culture, so if a gurl is wearing heels therefore she is feminine. The difficulty in walking makes a gurl feel vulnerable and the mincing steps make her feel feminine.

hi all love your story, i too am looking for total feminization and want to have gender reassignment, i am a male to female pre op transsexual awaiting for the right help to get to my goal of being a true woman email me if interested, you can find my details below kellydotmargerisonatyahoodotcom. kelly xx to all

hi all love your story, i too am looking for total feminization and want to have gender reassignment, i am a male to female pre op transsexual awaiting for the right help to get to my goal of being a true woman email me if interested, you can find my details below kellydotmargerisonatyahoodotcom. kely xx to all

I am a sissy in training..chasitied, panties and garters everyday, cuckolded. I asked for all this. I havent had sex w her in 2 years..but i do give head. She has outed my 1 inch..and love it. She has had other men in front of me. Has a black spade tatt i also asked her to get.

wowo that is some story. Heels are awesome, and with time ankle flex improves so higher heels can be worn. Lots of walking in each height helps develop the calf muscles so may feel sore for a few days with each height change. The sisy will walk with shorter steps, and after a while even in flat shoes wi continue to walk with such short steps