Petticoat Discipline!!!

Here is a Letter from years ago about a mother in Tennesee Feminizing her son with the Help of her sister and daughter! This is Wonderful to see isn't it?

Here’s a letter from Nugget Magazine, either from the 80’s or early 90’s, I don’t have the exact date of the Issue. It has to do with the raising of boys, and how to deal with an “Unruly” Boy. Just thought some of you might enjoy reading it. If you have comments, please post them on the message Board.
The Letter is entitled, “Petticoating Unruly Boys”:
Dear Nugget,
As I am writing this letter my hair has just been rolled and my fingernails have been manicured by my lovely 14 year old son. I say lovely, because he is wearing a pretty short pink dress with puff sleeves and lots of lace trim, pink lace trimmed anklets and black patent leather little girl shoes, makeup, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara and rouge. His hair is up in curlers. At this moment he is rolling his 16 year old sister’s hair. All this is part of his petticoat discipline every Thursday night.
I want to tell your readers that petticoat discipline is the most effective and enjoyable solution to unruly boys. My husband travels on business most of the time and raising Andy (Annie) was becoming more and more difficult. He would hardly ever mind me. Then my husband and I decided to try what we had read in Nugget letters, and it has certainly been a success.
My sister and my daughter Lisa helped me plan Andy’s introduction to his new punishment. From Lisa’s old clothes, we gathered a bra, several pairs of panties, a full slip, pantyhose, a girdle, a skirt, some blouses and two party dresses. On that fateful initiation night a year ago we took Andy into my bedroom and told him that his misbehavior and refusal to do any chores had finally gone too far, and as punishment and to force him into better behavior he was going to be required to dress and act like a girl as long and whenever Lisa or I thought it necessary.
He was naturally angry and tried to leave the room, but the three of us forced him onto the bed. We removed his pants, got him face down on the bed and began spanking him severely with a ping pong paddle. Andy was soon begging us to stop. I told him that he must ask to be dressed in girl’s clothes, but he refused, so we spanked him for a few more minutes. His frustration and embarrassment having driven him to tears, he began begging us to let him wear girl’s clothes. With his pride broken he obediently removed the rest of his clothes. After Lisa had rubbed lotion into his firey red *** she helped him into panties and a bra which was padded with tissue. My sister put the pink full slip on him and I put a pink party dress, pink anklets and black patent leather shoes on him. Andy was completely subdued as Lisa used a curling iron to curl his shoulder length hair. We explained to him that any misbehavior or failure to do his chores would bring this petticoat punishment. Then we sent him off the wash the dishes.
That night he slept in a cute little baby-doll nightie and in the morning Lisa woke him and told him to hurry up and get into his pretty girl clothes and come learn how to prepare breakfast. Since then she’s taught him a lot about cooking and he is required to cook about half the meals. Of course he has to do a lot of the housework too.
His behavior gets him into his punishment clothes about every other day and really, Lisa and I much prefer him in this feminine role. Then he is a sweet, quiet child and easier to be around. This summer when we visit another sister of mine and her two daughters we plan to have Andy take only his girl clothes. For the entire month he will dress and live as a girl and he will continue to be as he is here, a housecleaner and our personal helper.
Strangely enough, Annie - as we call him - seems to enjoy cleaning and cooking when he is made to wear his feminine apparel. He also enjoys being a personal helper to Lisa and me. He washes and rolls our hair quite well and he does our nails every two or three days. When he visits his aunt and cousins I’m quite sure Annie will be kept very busy washing and rolling five girls’ hair, caring for their fingernails and toenails, cleaning house and cooking. But I know he is looking forward to it, actually.
I hope your readers will find this letter both interesting and useful. - Mrs C.M., Tennessee
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Guys should never have to endure this. Hell, whenever my sister even tries anything like this I almost break her wrist!

and THAT my friends, is what should be done to my 16 year old grand son!<br />
just sayin'

He would be so Sweet in Dresses!!! is he a Macho Boy now?

He THINKS he is. He has no respect for ANYONE, including his mother. The way he talks to her I have all I can do to keep from ......

Of course, you KNOW I'd like to see him in dresses, him and every other male.....haha

I would love to hear if any maleness survived his immersion among 5 girls enjoying erasing "Him" and teaching "her". What a wonderful experience for your new daughter! Love it!

his male life is very difficult for him to enjoy, it frustrated him<br />
a life with a role where he shaered happiness was what he wished for.

nice!!! wish i wa sandy