Women That Take Control Through Petticoating!!

Here is a GREAT Story from the latest Issue of petticoat Discipline Quarterly on how a Woman has Successfully petticoated her husband. Hopefully other Women will take her Lead and get the males in their Lives into Pretty Dresses and Skirts!!

from Betty

Dear Helga,

I am writing to you today to share my experience with my sissy husband who I have been calling Lilly for almost 11 years now. When we first got married we both had fulltime jobs and I also had a part time job sewing for friends. As time went on I had requests for special occasion dresses, costumes and uniforms. You are probably wondering where I am going with this so let me tell you. Lilly who was at the time Gary used to help me with fittings as he is a small frame man. It wasn't something he enjoyed but in the privacy of our own home he would reluctantly do it for me. One day I noticed a comic in the back of a magazine showing a young man in a maid outfit being scolded by an older woman. The caption mentioned petticoating which was something I just had to know more about. Yahoo was quite helpful educating me about the idea of petticoating which seemed like something we could try. Having grown up with an abusive father and brother there was no way any man would treat me like that again. Petticoating Gary would be my ace in the back pocket so to speak.

One night while finishing up a french maid outfit for a friend I called Gary downstairs to help me. This time I wanted him to try on a pair of panties and a bra first. He was not impressed but agreed to do it for me. The picture of him standing there totally out of his comfort zone prompted me to begin the process of making him my sissy. Weeks went by as I prepared an outfit just for him not to mention the plan on how to roll it all out. One night Gary yelled at me so I knew once he settled down it would be just the time. You see he was always the type of man that would bark off then come to me with I'm sorry. This time I had a plan to put the ball or his balls in my court once and for all.

One night after dinner I retreated to the sewing room while Gary cooled off in front of the TV. It wasn't 15 minutes later he was at the door with the sad face and the I'm sorries. While he was standing there I asked him to help me with a fitting. He knew I was not happy with him so he was eager to please me. I told him to ***** down underwear included so he did. So far so good I'm thinking. As I handed him each item he looked more puzzled. This time he was wearing a garter, stockings, bra with forms, heels and a wig. He struggled a bit but I was there to help him with every detail. There was no way he was not going all the way this time.

I stood back to take a look at my creation then suggested he look in the mirror which he never liked to do. You could it in his face and body language this was not to his liking but he pretended to be alright with it. I asked what he thought of that outfit and he replied it was very nice. I asked if he was sure he liked it and again he said that I did an excellent job on it. Then I looked him straight in the eye followed by saying I am glad you like it so much because this one is yours to wear. The look on his face went form being uncomfortable to raging fear. He was begging me to reconsider however that wasn't going to happen. I asked him twice if he liked the outfit and now he wants to change his mind because it is his....he he....Not

We went upstairs where I showed Lilly as he has just been named his new room. It was time to have Lilly sleep in the spare room which I had already prepared. I opened the drawers and closet to show him his new dresses, panties and bras. We sat on his bed while I explained in detail what I expected and the timelines to do it. When that was done I stood there while he changed into his pink nightie then kissed him goodnight.

This night was the beginning of what has been 11 glorious years now. Over time I taught him how to cook, clean and attend to all of my needs without question. There was a reward system in place which changed from time to time. Lilly's first reward in the beginning was the more effort he put into his feminine appearance the more likely he would get a reward. Although in the beginning Lilly did not have to wear makeup if he did there would be a reward. So as you see the reward system made him do everything I wanted however he didn't know that was the plan.

For the most part Lilly has done quite well keeping house and attending to my EVERY need. Since he has been off work for a while now life as Lilly is fulltime where when he worked outside the home it was 5 days a week. If he does well through the week I will allow him to take me out to dinner on the weekend . Before you ask yes he can dress as a male when we go out however when we arrive home he must change into one of his sissy dresses in the garage before entering the house. Lilly knows at home he is my sissy and will never be allowed to dress as a man in my house.

Some things I would like to look into are chastity belts, piercing and a tattoo. Lilly had his ears done years ago but it might be time for those little nipples if you know what I mean. One other thing that seems to be interesting to me is taking Lilly out shopping as Lilly. If anyone has experience in that area I would love to hear about it.

One of the things that keeps me motivated is reading the letters from all of the women on your website. Petticoated.com should be advertised on every women's website and all the bridal websites. If we could get most men programmed from day one of the marriage that would be wonderful.

In closing if any of you would like to chat further Helga has my permission to publish my e-mail address.

Love to you all,

Thank you for your letter Betty. I'm sure our readers will agree that Petticoating should be the rule rather than the exception in a successful marriage. I hope we can hear more from you in the coming months and I should also mention that I have a letter from your sissy husband that I will publish next month.


Patti59 Patti59
51-55, M
6 Responses Jun 3, 2012

I have trained my sissy Bobby like you have and he doesn't have a second thot about wearing lingerie and pretty dresses at all. He actually loves to prance around my house in his petticoat-ed dresses

I am an older man who would enjoy this type of relationship with a wife or serious girlfriend.
My wife passed away 10 yrs ago and we just stratched the surface of this relatonship. She did not understand my needs and I probably could have given her a better exolanation and more time to comminicate the benefits to her. I have to admit that I am submissive to strong women, but only in private. It gives me sexual as well as lifestyle happiness.

You just need to search the net for dominating, bisexual and kinky women. their are plenty of them out their, You just have to submit totally and become a total sissy, not a part time one like so many want to be.

I loved it. Have always had a great desire to be dressed and treated as a little baby girl and be shown to my "mommy's" friends. They could frequently change me and bottle feed me.

Very good letter, thanks for sharing. Maybe the time is right for a popular book to bring feminization to the forefront of public awareness. By this I mean a "Shades of Grey"-type of situation. Maybe a "Shades of Pink?"

I am trying to introduce to a Chinese woman my love for dresses ans such. She never heard of such a thing! Would a story like this be nice for her to read. I did<br />
tell her to read the report by Vernon Coleman. Sh3e understands a TINY bit.<br />
I want more, I hope you understand...............

Get the video "Just like a Woman" or you can watch it together on YouTube. Then have a long talk about how she see's the idea of Crossdressing and take it from there.
if you have not seen the film watch it first yourself but then when you both watch it let it play without interrupting. Good luck.

where are you located how can I get in contact with you