A How To For Women That Want To Feminize Their Males!

Here is a Story from a Yahoo Group...Actually Instructions on how to Feminize your Men! I Love it!

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Some Dom's believe that feminization is not necessary when dominating
the male and that is true, its not, so why do I do it? First look at
what happens when you don't. As a Dom I can dominate a male by force
or humiliation or blackmail. I can keep him naked and make him serve
me as a servant but I always have a male serving me. i can tie him
up, spank him, keep him naked or in a cage but he is still a male and
maybe even a man. As soon as I stop my control he returns to being a
man again or at least a male.

So each time i want something from him I need to put some kind
of "Force" on him. There is always the threat he may fight back or
refuse and that means a lot of extra work for me. My primary reason
for having servants is to reduce my work thus this option does not
make good sense to me. For those who truly enjoy conflict, maybe this
is the way to go but for me, i want a well trained completely
obedient and compliant servant who WANTS to and NEEDS to serve me
without regard for his own personal desires. I want my desires to be
his desires.

Feminization removes the man or maleness from his mind. It changes
him into a sissy servant thus the male issues and problems cease to
exist. Males come with a wide range of issues, problems and faults.
These can all be corrected through feminization.

Lets examine a few of the leading problems. First is male ego. Some
have bigger ones than others but they all have it, they all are "men"
in their own minds and nearly super human. This means they want
control, they want things done their way, to look their way. What
would a male say if you put him into a room decorated in pinks and
whites and lace? HE would demand it be taken out. What if you bought
a pink car, he would not only not drive it but would not ride in it.

How about you going out and spending time with other males? What if
you held the remote? All these things have to do with the male ego
and its a problem if you are going to have a compliant servant.

Another problem is giving. A male likes to give yo u a present and
remind you he did but is he willing to do your laundry? Was your
dishes, Scrub your floor. If he does he will remind you it was YOUR
floor or YOUR laundry as if you are the one who is supposed to be
serving him. Will he wait in the car for you while you are busy for
an hour or two? But yest he would expect you to do so. You are
expected to give as a female but as a male he expects to receive all
of these services and much more. This problem does not bode well
either so must be dealt with.

Then there is the head of the house thing. He's the man and so hes
the head of the house. He may listen to your opinion but HE makes the
final decision. Even others will ask you if it's OK with your husband
or he is referred to as the one who wears the pants in your house.

The list goes on but you get the idea. So how do you change all of
this and not have to lift a finger or make a threat of a beating?
Simple, you start wearing the pants and put him into the panties,
bras, nylons and dresses. You make up his face and paint his nails.
You tell him he is NOT a man, he is a sissy.

Yes it is pretty much that simple. Let me assure you that when your
husband or boyfriend is standing in front of you dressed as a sissy
he will not argue, he will not threaten, he will not be a problem of
any kind. It is so easy to mold a male into a proper sissy servant
that it is beyond me why every woman has not done it. Really, its so
simple and so wonderful. And whats even better is once that male has
relinquished control and accepted his new position as a sissy servant
he likes it better too and wonders why you did not do it earlier.

The problem is that you have to force him first. You have to get him
into girls clothing and let him see he really is not a man. Real men
don't wear girls clothes so if he does he is automatically not a real

But just any old clothes are not enough. You have to remember that
males are raised though visual symbols. They have embedded into
their small minds ideals that are representations of what they expect
and what they expect others will expect. So think of feminine
clothing as uniforms. lets start with a maids uniform. Simple to
understand, put the male into a maids uniform and he will instantly
want to be the maid he looks like. Use plain ones for regular work
and fancy ones for formal service.

At night put him into very feminine baby dolls with bows and pink
slippers and a doll or teddy. Now he understands he is in nightwear
and will sleep like a baby.

Keep in mind your not trying to dress him like most women dress. Your
trying to dress him like HE thinks women should dress. Exaggerate his
attire. For example, i make my sissies study every day and when doing
so they must dress like a school girl but not like any school girl
who may wear baggy pants and a sweat shirt, no, oh no, they must
dress in the short school girl uniform, with little girl socks and

If i have a party for a sissy he must wear a fancy full petticoated
little girls party dress. Not a pantsuit like a woman might wear. he
is not a woman and he is not a man he is a pansy and he must dress
like a pansy. He must never think he is a man or even a male he must
constantly be reminded he is a sissy.

This is done, vocally, visually and by feeling. I make sure my sissy
understands he is not a real man by being with real men. I make sure
he feels like a sissy by wearing sissy clothes at all times and
keeping his body free of hair and nails painted. I make sure he hears
he is a sissy by reminding him of it. Things like "Your such a
wonderful sissy" "if your a good sissy today i will get you some new
sissy panties to wear when I go on my date Friday night". Talk to
others about him being a sissy so he can hear it. Let others see him
as a sissy so you are not the only one. never keep it a secret, let
as many people know as possible so he can not pretend he is a man.

But most of all, always reward him for being a sissy. Tell him how
much you like it when he is properly dressed, When he serves you in
front of guests how proud you are. Reward him with a pretty dress or
fancy panties or new make up for things he does. teach him to
associate rewards with being a betetr sissy.

Now no matter what he is wearing or not wearing he knows he is a
sissy, he knows others know he is a sissy and he can not escape from
it. In a short time he will learn to love being your sissy, dressing
the part and serving you and your guests and then you have the best
of everything and so will he because he will think only of you all
the time, he will desire to serve only you or who ever you tell him
too all of the time and his satisfaction will come from pleasing you.

Now you may want to think about your present situation and think
about if your as happy as you can be or if you should follow this
advice and become very happy, very fulfilled and satisfied and see
your male become so too.

I will be more than happy to answer any questions concerning this

Madam Rebecca

Patti59 Patti59
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You are very confirming my sissy status

Hello miss, I have a number of questions I'd like to explore with you privately please. Slinnkee @aol.com

Good advice. For me, i am never happier than when i am in the service of a strong and intelligent woman. i am a strong and intelligent male but i know that there is a conflict males have when it comes to devoted service to a woman. Males have penises that they want to keep poking into things. Males also have egos that they want stroked along with their penises. Feminization is a perfect remedy for such male maladies. When a woman puts a man in panties she is making it clear what his place is when in her company. When i accept to be pantied it am admitting that i accept my role when with that woman. i am there to serve submissively.

no way a lady would make me dress that way. A few wanted too but i will not because its wrong for to make him a sissy.I love being a man and i do clean and thats good to help out some. I live alone so ido what i want . This forced fem thing has to end

No, No, go with the trend, instead of tis has to end.

Can you move on from clothing and mannerisms to having him engage in degrading sex acts with dominant men?

I know a 16 year old boy who wants to be a sissy but something keeps him from being one. He usually has sissy thoughts all the time but they get stronger when he is "in the mood" and disappear whe he finishes with himself and he gets really guilty and ashamed and stuff but his sissy thoughts usually return shortly after. How can he be helped so he can be the sissy he wants to be?

Great ideas !

OMG I loved reading this Madam Rebecca. I am searching for that woman who would love making me into her sissy! I am a male who is just as you described in this article, in controll of all in my life. The real me wants to be dominated by a woman who loves dressing me up ultra fem...stockings, heels, makeup, tight short skirts with high heels that I can barely walk in....so that I know without any doubt...I am her sissy! How can I find a woman like you? I want a committed relationship where I belong to my woman and hopefully married. Is that something that a woman might want?

A good aid to help the male achieve maximum feminization and of course then, maximum obedience and satisfaction for them, is this short guide you can give them and tell them to follow. It's gotten some great reviews so far and is available in a handy paperback as well as Kindle and Nook. This is the global Amazon link:
This is the authors website which has additional information and good books for the feminized male to read to help increase their desire to be feminine.
Best of luck!

now we just need a guide to help us sissies find the woman who want to feminize us

It would be nice. But why not just do it yourself?

Came across this by luck. You have said it very well. Women do not see the real advantage of turning BF or hubby into a sissy. Best is it is not temp, he is full time devoted to the woman whom controls him. His brain between the leg stops thinking for him. It only has advantages for the Lucky lady whom is owner of the sissy.

Currently using this in my essay as to why feminizing men is wrong. Thank you for your comments, posts, etc.

for a high school paper

OK, wow. Would not think you could publish something like this for HS, but if it is, I think that is really great.

I would like to be feminized by a girl, as male Im kinda shy, even when I see myself as a respectul and gentleman male with my lady, I would love to be the lady. I do like even some jobs relationed to woman like, marketing, events, catering. I can even work from house so I do not really being in an office in order to enjoy much more femenine side. But I do not like boys, I would like to find a girl who is ok to feminize her boyfriend. I have now 30 years old and don't know if I can be feminized so good in order to looks good.
I support the idea men should be feminized, maybe there will not be harm in this world in anyway.

I am a happily married man of 5 years to a beautiful wife. My wife wanted to do something to get me to understand what it's like being her. Being in a financially sound situation, I quit my job to literally become a housewife. She put me in tight dresses, bras, panties, pantyhose, stilettos, even makeup, earrings, and nail polish. I would do light housework, just like she would. I was, for one year, a woman! As I became more comfortable of my scanty, tight dresses, I ventured into the real world. I shopped for groceries or my own female clothing. I could feel the ppl staring at my ***, even my fake sock boobs. I even got butt implants and injections because I felt like I needed to be sexy for my "man." I wore lingerie and tight, little pink panties and bras like so many women feel like they need to at night to please my "man." I've ditched the cross dressing getup for her, but I keep my appreciation for what she goes through everyday! It's not about control, it's about appreciating what women go through and do for us men; I am not her "sissy" but I am her partner instead.

Madam Rebecca, I appreciate your input, however my control is very dominate now. I would prefer a complete conversion of my companion to be a female and not just clothing. A medical transfer is permanent! I feel this would give me much more control! What do you think?

As a female evolutionary biologist at harvard, I can assert this goes against the genetic make up of the human male. Male adaptation through the process of natural selection is the reason they act in this dominant manner, or as you describe it "an ego". If you put a group of boys outside with each other without any influence, they will likely pick up some sticks and start waking each other. This "playing" is from the genetic drive to show dominance and to essentially practice what their genetic coding says they will be doing in the future. An example of this is when you see wolf pups playing with each other, it is preparation and practice from what their genetic adaptation through generations of survival has prepared them for. This same type of movement happened in Rome before their collapse, the feminizing of men. If you honestly are trying to do this to every male you must realize the consequences. You will not have anyone to fight for the country if needed because they are all "sissies", you will not have anyone working on your farms because they don't want to get dirty, you will have predominantly emotion based decisions as that is how the female brain works through their evolutionary advantage of raising children, and many other consequences. If you want to repeat what Rome did and watch the US burn, fine. But know it will be you guys who are the ultimate down fall of this society. You see all these mental health problems in the world today, from these shootings, to those girls stabbing their friend and blaming slender man. This is a result of an identity crisis caused by the likes of you. If you dress up a boy in a dress it will give them mental health problems. Gender roles were developed based on genetic make up. Keeping woman in the dark like in the past was wrong, however the feminizing and stripping the identity of males is going to lead this country to chaos like it did to Rome.

I guess this is one for each person. I love to be feminized, but maintain male things. For hobby, teach technical diving (students are military or persons to dive very deep for oil platforms). I cut weeds etc on our country mountain property, and that is very hard and dirty - can loose 3 pounds after a good day work, and drinking many liters of water also. Painting, up on scalfolding for remodeling our house, fly jets and sailplanes, and even taught some military parachuting into Rio Negra (Amazon) and their the fish bite, and gaters will get you if not watching out at night. So Sissies that are 110% sissies for sure are some. There are many like me, that uses it as a stress release. But I like your comments, interesting, and possibly too true in general.

This is retarded. I have a harem of maculated women I make chop wood, take out the trash and kill spiders for me. What is it w some women and their unhappiness expressing itself through relationships of command. I support the disillusion of all false hierarchal structures. Men are no more strong or week then how you create them in your head. Your view of men is negative because you are a sexist.

My husband wants me to feminize him. But whenever I try, he gets very defiant. Now I just don't know how to overcome that. I know it would make both of us happier and he does look pretty good in a dress. Any suggestions?

Force the Issue! He is letting his Male Ego try to assert Control. Destroy the Ego, and you will have the Best Man Possible. Put him into Dresses and Skirts, and Take Control...He WILL LOVE that! The ego will try to assert itself...DESTROY It! Feminine Males an NOT Resist Strong and Confident Women...You will Both be Happier when you have him Feminized!

I just started being avlot more forceful about it, and he seems to be loving it. I have to say, it feels amazing on my end too lol

It is interesting that he "wants" you to feminize him but resists. I am a male who also enjoys being feminized but have my own limits and need to be led slowly into it. My wife started by teaching me how to do makeup (properly). She then started sharing a few items of her clothing (we are close enough in size that some things fit). I bought women's ankle boots with a heel and open toe sandals for the summer. We then started doing nails together, mostly me doing hers for her as she teaches me how and then I have to do my own. We go slow but I do not plan to wear a skirt and heels to Walmart. I do not wear a wig nor try to pass myself as a woman. I sometimes suggest bras and skirts as a fantasy however, she warns me to be careful for what I ask for. She have plans for more but for now we are both happy. Bottom line is to go slow and enjoy doing it together.

As a male I'm not sure how to feel about this. We aren't all bad. I assure you. Complete respect for people who are bad and had this happen to them. But not all of us are bad

Would it be wrong to turn a 15 year old boy into a sissy?

Hi! I saw your question today and I wanted to respond. First, I need to know a few things. Is the boy a friend or a relative? What is your reason for wanting to turn him into a sissy? Have you noticed signs that he might already be open to becoming a sissy, or no?

Add a response...

My wife knows I like to wear bras and panties. She even supports me buying my own. She is not the dominant type but I want her to feminize me. How can I get her started?

Try looking at it from her point of view- what's in it for her? Make feminizing you pleasurable and delightful for HER. Tell her how wearing your feminine clothes makes you feel more soft and caring. Put on your bra and panties and serve her by doing the housework, making her dinner and acting caring and loving towards her. Soon she will associate this new, improved version of you with the fact that you do this because wearing bras and panties make you feel more 'feminine' and caring. Slowly take little steps in your own feminization- add feminine items one by one. Try adding panty hose and low heels as you serve her. Don't forget, this is all about her pleasure and enjoyment of your 'feminization'.

You stated it well. My wife was somewhat against my feminization. But I showed her by example, the benefits - you do not say it, show her. Do housework, wash dishes, vac the floors, iron, all those tasks nobody likes. Get a guy to call you, she answers and he says they want to get together for beers. What is hubby doing? She will tell you who is on the phone, just say, no, I would rather stay here at home than go out and go wild with the guys, love doing these chores. Make her tell them "he really does not want to today, maybe some other time."
With this she will get the message, feminizing hubby is pretty good deal. After this she will try even harder to feminize you, but Always show, you still are the husband she married, but instead of using the leg inthe middle, might have to use the tongue more. This Works, I know.

Having us 'girls' looking nice and feminized is wonderful when it can be done to us but its not the whole story - we need to get it right in our heads what we are and not allowed to forget it. For years I have looked online for Ladies/Mistresses not for any heavy online training or cybering but just chat/friendship done appropriately.
Sadly I've never found anyone plenty of sites but always either just for financial purposes or full of guys pretending to be dominant females for their sick kicks and the only domination is the site being dominated by guys cyberplaying at saying they want to or pretending they do, I've stooped listening to guys saying how they think a woman want us to look, act, think; I've yet to find any woman on these sites who actually makes me feel effeminated or discourages me speaking in a male style; I end up just feeling like a guy talking about how another should think/feel.
Surely there must be a place to socialise / meet women who support feminization and domestication of us males where the topic of the day is always female led female issues, there is lots of girl-girl chat about fashion, makeup etc; I'd love a group where as well as girl-girl issues like this there is girl-male chat on fashion/makeup for what the girls want to see the guys wear/look like for their pleasure. I'm sure too there must be lots of Ladies who can't feminize their own man but would love to just chat and get to know 'guys' who believe in it too.
I hope you take my point, when it comes to online socialisation for and with those who believe in the Lifestyle (call it feminization, sissification or Femdom (my preference)) there is very little chance of finding a site that is not overrun by those with other objectives (I found the only way to tell if it is a genuine female you talk to is by voice contact/confirmation). The cause is seriously undermined by the Internet and those who do it between themselves in private can't add weight to the movement.
Point made, so in my dress and heels with nobody to supervise me I can go watch the manly football with no risk of being told to watch the Fashion Channel and write1000 word essay/report or worse still advanced refined girl training of having to watch a DVD on a Ballet and write 2000 words on it LOL
Night all ... I do believe in the cause and dress when I can, my point is without the support and feeling included in a genuine online community/friends its hard not to slip watch football drink beer and make antisocial noises us guys do. (burp)

I joined a group, call Tri-ess. They are almost all over the world. Was pretty good, and fun. Look for a local chapter near you.

Madame Rebecca, you are the ideal woman. I wish I knew the name of the Group you mention. If I were a younger man I would beg for the privilege of serving you. Live long and prosper!

Madam Rebecca,

I am a 22 year old who knows I am a sissy deep down at heart. How do I start going about this?


that is so true women should be more in charge then they are now,they are moving up the work ladder fast an they are taken over marriage faster then some like to admit
my wife has me in panites an dress up as sissy at home wear panties an my chastity to work all the time when home its ok girl do your chores make dinner to wash things like that
as far as sex well most she does not want sex but she will demand oral alot of the times an anywehre any place i must do
she will punished me if i dont do my chores correct an she does like to show off in front of her gfs an sister

this level of domination doesn,t work - and makes less and less the number of feminist men in the world - because this is opposite of our nature - only a man hater think to these ideas -in fact these behaviors encourage the men who are hater of women to trait so bad with women - it could not be a mutual relationship according to agreement ,one for one- just women who are looking for so many sex slaves to expose themselves for trading do these acts - you said that you have several sissies , wow, i think you have problem with gender of male and are unhappy for being woman - i myself want to be servant for just one lady with loyalty forever who is so pride for being woman that is gender of superior- but you try to change your servant to a woman to humiliate him !!! is, being woman, a thing shameful in your mind? a thing else why so many sissies ? you in fact have several pets is walking around you not human- no woman or man can endure to see her/him partner with others, this is our nature - you and no ones can change the nature never-

Very good observation!!! The POWER OF THE ***** IS UNRIVALED!!! Most males crave to be controlled by a DOMINANT FEMALE!! i cannot understand why more FEMALES don't take control, and make a better life for THEMSELVES, and the males in THEIR lives!!!!
slave john

He John, you are not alone. I have run across a handfull of women in many years, brought it up, they try it and were sucessful. I think it is a culture level women have, they have to be a slave of a man.

how can i get more info from You concerning my own feminization. i have a Mistress who really wants to feminize me?

let her do it then if you want to be feminized
there is alot involved

So true!

I don't want to be a maid or servant, except as the wife of man or woman who loved me

would love this!

I could not agree more with your sentiments. I am happiest when in uniform taking care of the house or serving my Mistress in what ever form she chooses

Hi Rebecca,<br />
I caught my husband wearing my bra and panties one day. Should i femenize him totally now? I make him wear womens bras and panties and pantyhose to work everyday now. He bought me a french maids outfit and told me how sexy i would look wearing it. I wasn't to happy with that. What should i do now. Melanie

Hi Melanie! By all means...Keep feminizing him! The more Women that feminize the males in their lives...the better their lives become!!


im new at this can I have some help in this area my fiancé is a sissy im lost and don't no were to start

Sounds like a good plan