I Give Up Once A Day !!

I have overcame a life of abuse, both physical, sexual and emotional. I have lost friends and family members to violence right in front of my eyes, I have survived poverty and depression. Since i have gotten through all of these things, I owe it to God and others to extend my hand to anyone else trying to rise above the same situations. I began to pursue a life in Life Coaching and i have invested everything I had into building this business, most of the ppl i help are for free and others that can afford to pay, i charge by a sliding scale. I never wanted to charge ppl for my services becuz i love helping but I have a family to provide for and my coaching others goes waaaay past just speaking to them, i do alot for my clients. I also take alot of time away from my family into helping others. The people that I have assisted have made life changing adjustments to their lives BUT the problem is, i work hard and am financialy putting myself underground. I feel like im holding onto a dream that i might lose and thats not a good feeling at all. I made attempts to get grants but i need assistance and coaching for free isnt going to give me the money to get the help i need. I live in maryland and it seems like helping the community is last on the list to the higher ups so getting funded is harder than ever. No matter how im struggling, i keep helping others but i find myself giving up at least once a day. Any suggestions...Its my dream and purpose in life, i cant let go !!
ButterFlyyCoach ButterFlyyCoach
26-30, F
Sep 14, 2012