Being Very Femininely.

being very femininely all of my entire life
i had to learn how to embrace my own
femininity feelings within my very soul
with out any help from anybody or from
anyone at all;

because of the shame of feeling very
femininely, i had to self taught myself
for years of learning how to accept and
to embrace my femininity feelings

as the years slowly going bye all kinds
of things was going through my mind,
i didnt like being masculine at all that
wasn't for me at all as a child,

i didn't want nothing to do with being
a masculine male boy that wasn;t for
me at all no way;

but as the years kept on going bye i had
learn to keep it to myself, and all kind of
thoughts was running through my mind,

was it evil or was it a blessing to be very
femininely and at times i thought it was
some kind of a punishment from God or
from Goddess or the Goddesses;

but i do love my femininity a whole lot
and i have learn how to embrace it with
great love and admiration for my femininity

thelovegoddess thelovegoddess
61-65, M
Jan 13, 2013