Girls In Charge.....

I grew up in the irish countryside back in the sixties
There was very little money in those days so the bare essentials were all anyone could afford.
I had six sisters two younger and four older as I was the only boy I had to answer to the ladies of the house.
From the start I had all hand me down clothes from my for most part I was dressed as a everyone in the area thought I was a girl
When I started school I got my first new clothes you guessed a pleated grey skirt knee socks etc..
My sisters were put in charge of getting me ready and bringing me to school.this carried on for all my primary
School years.i had to do as my sisters said or face a good spanking off my oldest sister.
For church on Sundays I was put in a nice little dress anklets Mary Jane shoes ribbons in my hair and I had a little handbag .
When I started secondary school things changed .
Ill continue that episode soon.
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Sounds like a lovely childhood. I hope you showed your appreciation.