When You Have To, Do It With Class...

Too often we are faced with situations where the workplace is truly a jungle. At times one can come across as the deer among the wolves; and in those instances we need to rear up on our hind legs and refuse to be the victim.

When confronted with a situation where my reputation was at stake, I assumed the position of self-defense in lieu of the position of "go tell big-brother".  I asked the party who committed the offense if I may speak with them privately, indicating I did not want to embarrass them nor seem to be acting in an unbecoming manner. I addressed this person indicating I heard the talk, and that I felt if she had an issue with me, she should have asked to talk to me about it. Of course, she denied it and her volume increased so that others became aware we were having an "unpleasant" conversation.

I took up the posture of that of a parent speaking to a child, because at that time she was exhibiting the behavior attributable to an adolescent. I reminded her that we were of an age where tattle-telling and gossiping should be outside of our normal routine, and that her behavior put both of us in a bad light, her for having a tale to carry, and myself for having to address in such a manner as this. She proceeded to apologize, and I accepted her apology and indicated I would not revisit this matter again, it would be forgotten and we could go on as before the event occurred.

I received kudos for the way I handled myself, never reverting to profanity, and maintaining my stature as an educated level-headed woman.

Mommieof3andahalf Mommieof3andahalf
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Good job!!