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I love my wife dearly, in fact I adore her. It was most conflicting to me that for many years I entertained thoughts of her being naughty, of sharing her or her being seduced by an attractive stranger. Why could I feel the way I do about her and yet find such thoughts so exciting? I don't suppose I will ever resolve the why. However I am very confident in our marriage. I am naturally a very secure person and without jealousy. I suppose the strength of our marriage and continual communication contributes a great deal to my encouragement to her to be naughty. I know she loves me as much as I love her, so why not add some fun and variety to our life. The fact that she is being desired by other men is such a turn on to me and I'm sure an ego booster to her. It keeps our relationship fresh as she has freedom from me to explore and enjoy other men's attention. So yes, I do encourage her to be naughty, encourage her to dress sexy, to flirt. I want her to feel desirable, to be pursued, it makes her much more alive, fun and exciting to me. We can replay the events, and then our sex together just hits a new level. Her playfulness ignites my libido and keeps things from becoming routine. At this stage in our lives with our marriage so very secure it has only deepened my love for her and made her all the more attractive to me in every way, but especially sexually.
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Things are left a bit too ambiguous here. Does she **** other men? If so, we want to hear more about it. If not, what are you doing to encourage her to do so?

Well said. I, too, find it a turn on for other men to desire and pursue my wife, and it is so hot when she occasionally succumbs to their seductions.

Yes it is, thanks for commenting

I like your story, I feel the same way about my wife and she is so close to acting on it!

Great story, I'm on the same page with Ann, her interactions with other men just send me to a new level.

Thanks for your story, I found it helpful and insightful. You sound a lot like my hubby.