Earlier this week my wife shared with me a dream that she had. She said she had a similar dream just a few days before but this one had left her awake and very aroused. She described an area that was unfamiliar and an apartment that was equally foreign to her memory. In the process of activities in the dream she had ended up surrounded by several people, men and women. This group had surrounded her and were helping model some of her intake lingerie items. Being fondled and touched during removal of one item and more warm inviting caressing of her beautiful body when putting another article on. She claims she doesn't remember, true I'm sure, what eventually happened in the dream but had one massive ****** after using her vibrator when she awoke. Yesterday we discussed a co-worker that flirts with her when she is around. He is one of my most loyal employees and I have thought before that he would be the perfect person for her to enjoy her first black experience with. DurIng the conversation I had mentioned that he may want to enjoy her sexually. She stated that she didn't know but it would have to be a very special person to be her first black lover. I'm encouraged, biding my time and not pushing the conversation, being open to talking about it is certainly a step in the right direction.
Cottondog Cottondog
41-45, M
Nov 30, 2012