We are in a holiday. It's night and we want to do something hot before making love. My gf wears shorts and a lace shirt without bra, and I can see see her breast with the shirt that covers almost her nipples. She is stunning, damn! She dares: "We haven't water, I go to the reception to ask for a bottle!". Well, at the reception there is a middle age man... so she get ready, i'm a bit horny and she knows... she likes to play in a such way and to tease. I love her, damn i love her!
She came back after several minutes... she tells me the man had trouble to look at in her eyes, it was very difficult for him!!
it was so hot, i want to try new things like that with her!

i take for her a long lace sheer shirt. it's white and it's so nice. Well, as soon as possible Idare her to dress just that, with just a thong and no bra. Then she has to go to a receptionist to ask something. Well, if she will be lucky, the shirt barely will cover her nipple, otherwise...............
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This sounds like a wonderful holiday!