She Wanted It For A While Now, And Just Got It From Him.

My wife has wanted to play with a close friend for a almost 7 years now. When it all started she was even more shy and he wasn't into it all much either. A couple years ago she she went to his house after some dirty talk, then they traded oral and he came on her ****. He had an off and on serious girlfriend and still does. We hang out often and playing really hasn't come up for a long time. He does have a roommate that is also a good friend and we have secretly had a few mfm's with him.

This weekend we were all drinking and later ended up playing some with the friend we normaly do. Mostly just her giving oral and us playing with her. Not a lot happened due to timing and  other people still around, so he decided to just call it a night. Shortly after the friend she had toyed with over the years came outside and I asked for her to show us her ****. After a few flashes and some dirty comments, we asked her to show her *****. She said not outside, so my friend offered to show her the car shop.

No sooner than us walking in the door than she gave us a peek in her pants and he got really turned on. He played with her some then decided to bend her over. She took it from behind while giving me head. He plowed her real good then shot his load all over her ***. He let himself out and we continued to play. I ate out a little then had my turn ******* her. Once we were done, we left the shop and called it a night. We had went out that night thinking maybe something would happen with one friend, but she ended up getting a good ******* from another.

We have talked about it, and I think she wants it to happen again. I wouldn't mind getting into a little swinger action with him and his girlfrined.
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3 Responses May 7, 2012

Gotta love a sexy wife who likes to play with others! You just never know what might happen on some nights...

I like the comment that you ate her out a little. I would have ate her out a lot, Man, I love fresh ********.

Awesome !