I Encouraged Her To Have Sex With Another Man And She Did It

My wife came home to me on Sunday and told me that she had sex with another man. I was in shock. I never thought it would happen. If you read my other story you'll see how we reached this point and how I went to bed on Saturday night thinking she would also be going to bed alone but she never made it to bed. The last thing she sent me was a text just after 1am saying that she was at her friend's house and that the young man she hoped would have been out that night never came. I told her to send him a text and knowing she was drunk at this stage I expected some flirty texts between the two of them that I could enjoy the next day but what I got and she got was much much more.

I didn't know when I went to sleep on Saturday night that she had already been texting him. It was a works night out and he used to work with my wife. He had told a friend that he might call in to where they were after they had their meal but he didn't. She told me that she text him asking him where he was and he text back saying he was out for a meal with his parents. She asks was he coming along afterwards and he said yes but he didn't. He had absolutely no idea what we had planned for him. He had no clue that she was wearing sexy lingerie under her dress just for him. He had no idea that she was waxed and had her hair don just for him. She was onbviously dissapointed that the young man she had finally chosen to have sex with wasn't there and I too went to bed feeling downhearted for myself, for my wife and for him actually.

But I wasn't to know that my text asking her to send him another one would be the very action that changed her evening and gave me what I had long fantasised about. She sent him a text saying that this would be the last time she would ever ask him but that she wanted him to come to her friends's house and he did. He turned up at nearly 2am and was completely sober. My wife and her friend and his partner was all drinking and full of the joys of having been out all evening whereas he was sober and feeling a little out I the loop. He still had no idea why he was there but my wife's friend put two and two together when he arrived and came down heavy on my wife. He pulled her to the side and told her that nothing would be happening with the young man especially not under his roof. She replied with 'nothing is going to happen' He told her that he thought fondly of me and didn't wasnt to think that she would ever so anything behind my back and she promised that she wouldn't. Amidst all this the young man decided to head off home to his bed as it was really late at night. He headed for the door. After my wife finally getting him there she couldn't let him leave and managed to talk him into staying as it was so late and talked her hosts into letting him sleep on the sofa in the living room. He reluctantly agreed to stay probably thinking, why is my wife so keen for him to do so. Then she tells me that when he lay on the sofa and whilst the others were in the kitchen she sat on the sofa next to him and leaned in to his ear and whispered, 'when they go to bed I'll pretend to go up to bed too but then I'll come back down and lie beside you.' She says that she got a real buzz from saying those words to him but while she was down there she kissed him. I asked about the kiss and she said it was fantastic. Her first kiss of another man and she loved it. But she was wary of the others and cut it short but she tells me that just after or maybe during it they both knew they were going to have sex. He finally knew what she wanted and she felt it in his kiss which started slow but became very passionate very quickly. Then she had to deal with the others. She said she got one to go to bed but her friend just wouldn't go. Eventually she got him to go and she went upstairs with him. She went into the room where she was supposed to be sleeping and she slipped her shoes off. She stood in the room waiting. That must've been a thrill and then she sneaked back downstairs. She says he was lying with his eyes closed and didn't open them until she was stood beside him. She lifted the blanket and climbed in. Now there was my wife, drunk, and lying beside a sober young man almost 11 years younger and obviously attracted to my wife. This was going only in one direction and that's exactly what happened. She says they just started kissing, very passionately. His hand didn't roam all over her like I had imagined but instead went straight between her legs and began fingering her right away. She found this arousing at the time but even more so as we have analysed and discussed what happened. She was wearing a dress with a short flarey skirt and the top went right up to her neck so I guess that was the only area he could really stimulate and stimulate is exactly what he did. She found the passionate kissing and fingering heavenly and it helped build the hornyness she already had for him. I had to ask if she felt his **** and she simply answered yes but being me I was like, 'How?' 'What was he wearing?' 'Was it a struggle?' I know from experience that getting a man's belt open with one hand is t easy for her but it seems he arrived in casual clothes and wearing sweat pants so she slipped her hand in with ease. I asked what it was like feeling another man's **** and she said her first impression was that he was completely bald. He was hairless down there to use her expression. She gets flash backs about different things but doesn't know how long this went on for. I've since had to search through her friend's facebook pictures so see exactly the layout of his living room and have saved for myself a picture of the very sofa she was on with this young man. I needed to be able to visualise it in my mind's eye and now I know it was a brown leather sofa in the corner and she was lying on his right hand side with her right hand on his **** and his left hand inside her panties. She tells me that she sat up at one point and asked him to unzip he dress and then removed it revealing to him the very sexy lingerie that I bought her but that she wore for him (ill post some pics of that on EP cause its very sexy.) he even said it was very sexy but again he didn't go for her fantastic ****. Instead as they lay there she kissed all round his ear and neck which she says he really enjoyed and then she whispered into his ear, 'do you want me to suck your ****?' She has since told me that she thought of me at that point and that I would have wanted he to do that but also to say it like she did. He answered with a murmur and she went down on him. I was dying to know how that felt for her as I know exactly how it was for him. The week prior to this we had been lying in bed talking about him and after I ****** my wife and made he say his name whilst we were having sex she admitted that she was thinking about sucking his **** and if she ever had sex with him she would want to suck him and wanted him to **** her in different ways and hopefully doggy style but we never thought at that moment that this would ever really happen. I was so excited hearing all this and have had almost a permanent hard on since she came home with precum stained boxers every time it pops into my head. It's amazing how it makes me feel and very satisfying to know that she actually did it and loved it, like I knew she would. So now for the rest of this story which I will tell as she told it to me. It's been told to me in bits and pieces but this is what I have now put together from my questions and all she has managed to recall.

My wife was lying on the sofa with her mouth around another man's ****. The sofa was small and it was uncomfortable for her so the blow job didn't last too long. When she came up for air he was horny as **** and pulled her up his body. She was lying on top of him and again they kissed. The kissing became frantic and then she felt it. She says it was the most electrifying feeling when he entered her. He bucked upwards into my wife. Pulling aside her panties he entered her and continued to thrust bareback inside her. She gets chills down her spine every time she recalls that moment and the moments after until he said something like, 'I'm gonna ***.' She is a 100% sure what he said but she remembers the word *** and she pulled herself off him. They then lay together as he settled himself and then he said, 'do you want me to get a condom?' She answered yes but wondered if he had one with him. He said no but he could go out to the car and get one and that's what he did. I wondered what it was like for her lying there, wearing her underwear still, alone under the blanket and waiting for him to return and for him to enter her again but she can't really remember. I've since discovered that when he did return he removed his clothes and spun he legs round so he was on his knees on the floor. She says he ****** her like that as she lay back on the sofa taking a real pounding from his young ****. She waits he kept telling her to be quiet as he freaked out about the friends asleep upstairs but my wife is rarely quiet and she says he was really ramming her hard and holding he legs as he thrust deep inside her. I was surprised and so was she that he didn't feel her **** much or even remove her bra. When she came home the next day and was telling me this I slid my hand into her bra and she was immediately aroused, more so than I've seen he to my touch in years. She feels that she needed a good groping and that's what I have her but I didn't stop there. I slid my hand between her legs and fingered her on the sofa. When I lifted my hand away I could smell the runner he burnt off from his condom as he pounded my wife and that tuned me on so much I yanked her trousers down and started licking he *****. I could taste the rubber and I licked her clean before pushing myself inside her. It was really erotic ******* her and looking at her face thinking about what he would've seen the night before. She says he eventually spun her round and ****** her doggy style which is what she wanted. She got everything she wanted from him but still felt cheated when she came home. She was annoyed that their sex was dampened by the fear of being caught and that neither of them could really let go. She was annoyed at the uncomfortableness of the sofa and that she didn't really get to give him a good blow job. And above all she was driven by that electric feeling of having another man inside her so she sent him a text and told him she wanted him again but in a hotel room next time. We are both very excited about this and when it might occur but until then we can't stop talking about he exciting first time.
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If you think it's hot having him **** your wife using a rubber, try having him pound her bareback and have him *** inside her. You will both be more turned on than you have ever been before. Especially if you have sex with her with his *** still in her *****. It's an amazing feeling and you'll start wanting it even more.

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he may freak out or he may be into it i really enjoy being there with wife as she enjoys another and some guys enjoy showing off in front of me too very very sexy! (-:

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you are welcome i hope u both enjoy the adventure of wife sharing i know we do!! you can add me if you like?