Irresistable And Inevitable

My previous stories have described my wife's escapades with coworkers and others on occasion. So when Mary told me an old boyfriend was coming into town and wanted to have dinner with her, my expectations were immediately on alert. My wife has times when sex is fun and cool and she is a wonderful partner. There are other times when she seems to be insatiable and is hunting for new and outrageous experiences. I never really know which version she will display.

So when I gently hinted that he, Brad, would likely want to rekindle their previous passion, she was immdiately dismissive. She told me that Brad had gone in a separate direction and was just looking for friendly conversation with an old friend while on a lonely road trip. I had my doubts but I took her at her word.

On the night of their visit, I was working late and she left home to meet him for a drink at his hotel bar before I came home. I had no idea what she was wearing or what she had in mind. She had insisted this was an innocent visit, so I really didn't have expectations. She said she would be home by 9 PM at the latest.

I made myself a light dinner, watched the Suns on TV, and drank some wine and was feeling very relaxed. I was also horny with the tension that something more might be happending with my wife, but I really didn't know. At 9, I got a text from my wife that said, simply, "home a little late; catching up on old times".

At ten I was fast asleep. Sometime later, I was roused by movement in my bed. It was Mary, naked, crawling over my body. She was kissing my neck and chest. And she was most definitely working to get me hard by rubbing her hands on my ****. Within a minute I was awake, because, having succeeded in arousing me, she was now positioning herself over my **** and lowering onto it. I was ecstatic. This was a dream come true. I felt her pendulous breasts with both hands and she groaned as she slid and rubbed and rotated on my rock hard ****.

As she ****** me, she told me about her night:

She met Brad in a bar and he was drinking scotch, and she ordered her usual dirty martini. As soon as she got a whiff of his scotch she started to purr because she loves the smell of that on a man's breath. Brad was a total gentleman and they caught up on life events. Brad and Mary had been lovers before we married, so there was a certain level of comfortable intimacy between them.

He had admitted to Mary in the past that his sex life at home was not particularly satisfying. He did not bring that up over drinks, but Mary was aware of the context and it got her mind working. After they finished their drinks, neither one wanted the evening to end so quickly, so they talked about dinner. Brad suggested Mary pick out a restaurant she liked. Mary suggested that room service made more sense. Mary was immediately aware that Brad liked that idea and what it might lead to.

After that, their descent was rapid. Mary took Brad's hand when they walked to the room. She admired his fitness, his height and his gentle nature. She told me it was her intent to bring out his more animal instincts. When they got to the room, he opened the door and led her in. When he closed the door and turned to her, she was standing close to him and it seemed the most natural thing in the world for them to kiss.

And kiss they did. Passionately.

She told me that he ordered room service while she sucked on his ****. By the time the food came he had been eating her ***** for 15 minutes and she had blown him for 10.

They ate their food half naked and then dived into each other again. He plunged his **** into her over and over again until she couldn't stop coming. He came inside her as if he hadn't come in months. They showered together and as they began to get dressed, he couldn't help but fondle her beautiful, 34DD breasts. That led to another round of ******* that lasted even longer. Her text to me had occurred as she was sucking him again.

At the end of their date, they separated regretfully. But Mary was still horny and knowing I would appreciate her conquest, decided to get more out of the evening by climbing on me. I had no complaints.

The next morning, we arose normally. Had coffee. Breakfast. Showered. I went off to work, and Mary was going to work on some home projects. But then she got a text from Brad wondering what she was doing that morning. She told me later that she went to visit Brad again and they ended up ******* each other again until room service at lunch.

I think Brad will be making trips to Arizona for business more often in the near future.
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Dec 5, 2012