Wife Made Me A Vacation Voyeur

We went to the coast for a week in November. We were not looking to do anything but relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. So the coast in November was perfect for our vacation.

After 9 hours in the car we arrived at our Bed & Breakfast, checked in, dropped our bags in the room, and looked for something to eat. Unfortunately there were not a lot of choices.

We went back out driving the coastline highway looking for a bite to eat. Along the way we found an Italian place that had already closed, but looked like a place we might try later in the week.

Driving future down the highway we came upon a truck stop and an adult video store. There wasn't much more out the way we went. We returned to the little town and had to settle for a burger.

Tuesday we decided that we would venture out to the Italian restaurant for a good meal. We arrived about 9:00 pm to discover that we should have made reservations. We opted to wait until we got a table. We kept ourselves occupied in the restaurants bar, where we started on a bottle of wine.

My wife had consumed several drinks which was starting to show. When my wife consumes to much she loose her inhibitions. She was flirting openly with me, by flirting with our male waiter. I laughed it off blaming the wine for her attitude and finished my meal.

It was 11:15 pm when we left the restaurant. My wife was in an extremely playful mood by this time, and requested that we go for a drive. We got in the car and started along the coastline highway. When we came upon the truck stop, my wife got excited about the adult video store. She begged me to stop.

I pulled the car into the parking lot. There were only three cars and a single big rig in the lot. We exited our car and ventured into the store. We were the only ones there besides the store clerk. He was a young man, standing behind the display case, wearing a polo shirt with the stores logo.

As my wife and I started looking through the merchandise, I noticed the store clerk was keeping pace. He managed to stay behind the display case, that ran the length of the store. But he moved along with us, enough to keep an eye on my wife. She was looking good in a pair of jeans, a blouse, and heels. The wine she had kept her in that playful mood.

I pointed out the situation with the clerk to my wife. She giggled, asking me how I knew he wasn't watching me. I told her I could prove that he was watching her, by us splitting up. She said she'd take that challenge, but wouldn't be held responsible for her actions. She was excited to be turning on a college aged guy.

I left her where she was and proceeded to another isle. The employee didn't move, he stayed right with her as she went the other direction. As I moved to a place to get a better view of the clerk, a back interior door opened. A second clerk appeared from the door labeled "office". The second clerk was a much older male, who was also wearing a store shirt.

He exited the office and walked along the back of the store until he came upon the isle that my wife was on. He turned down the isle and approached my wife, who was standing on a video isle. She was holding several videos in her hand as he approached. The employee paused and began speaking with my wife. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but it was obvious that he detected my wife's current condition. It was very evident that she was turning the charm. They spoke for a few minute, when I decided to to approach them.

As I walked up the male started to walk away. As he passed me in the isle he stopped and commented on me having a lovely wife. Then he continued on, walking behind the display case with the other clerk. I walked up to my wife and asked what they were talking about.

My wife told me that the clerk was openly flirting with her. She said that he told her that she was very attractive. That he asked what it was that she was looking for. He also told her that he could show her several products that she would thoroughly enjoy with my approval. He told her that with my permission he would be avaliable when she was ready. My wife was short of breath and admitted to being extremely aroused. I asked her if she wanted stay or leave. She told me no, that she wanted to stay and play awhile.

With that she told me to enjoy the show as she opened a few buttons on her blouse. She opened enough of them that you could see the red lace bra she had on underneath. She leaned forward kissing me on the cheek, so I could checkout the view. As she walked away she told me to "have fun".

I watched as she walked towards the front of the store. I don't know why I didn't stop her, maybe it had something to do with the hard-on that I had, or the desire to she how far she'd let this go.

I continued to roam store as my wife approached the display case. She reached the counter and began looking at the items inside. The older clerk approached her and they began to talk. I just stood back looking through the videos and watched as my wife continued to flirt with the two clerks. She was leaning over the case, giving the clerks a great view into her blouse.

As I continued to watch the show, a set of males walked in the store. They were a set of younger males, who both appeared to be very nervous about being in the store. I was moving around, trying not to be obvious about watching my wife, who was walking down the glass counter, followed by the older clerk. I continued around moving to an isle across from my wife. I could tell that she was talking to the clerk, who had produced several adult toys for her to look at. She was handling each one seductively. As she did she keep looking at me smiling as she entertained the clerk.

The front door buzzer got my attention, causing me to look around for the two young males. Appearently that decided to leave. Turning to look I see my wife walking by, a couple of isles over, following the older male clerk. As she past she looked over at me and said, "Give me a minute", as she was carrying a large bright blue vibrator in her hands.

My wife followed the clerk to the door marked office. He unlocked the door from outside and stepped aside allowing her to walk inside. He stood at the doorway, looking back in my direction. Making eye contact he smiled at me then wavied at the other clerk.

The second clerk started walking to the back of the store. When he got to the door the older male entered the office, as the other clerk took his place holding the door open. The second clerk looked inside the office then at me and just smiled.

I started walking toward the back of the store, when I heard the buzzer at the front door. A husky looking male walked in and walked down the exterior isle. He disappeared through a curtain walking future back into the store. The male looked like a truck driver, and appeared to be headed for the view booths.

I made it the the back of the store still carrying several videos. As I got closer to the office door, the clerk moved over pushing the door all the way open.

Looking inside the first thing I noticed was a love seat against the wall. On the floor next to the love seat was my wife's high heels. Folded on the arm of the love seat was my wife's jeans. I reached the door and looked into the office. In the middle of the little room I saw the older male clerk sitting in a rolling desk chair. His pants were down and around his ankles, and he was openly ************.

My wife was squating down on the floor, in front of the clerk, using one hand on the desk to maintain her balance. She was naked from waist down, working the bright blue vibrator in and out of her *****. I couldn't believe that my wife was half naked, enjoying herself, in front of a pair of total strangers.

The older male looked at me and said, "Your wife is amazing". That drew her attention, causing her to open her eyes and look up at me. She smiled and said that Jerry (the older clerk), said that should test the toys, only if he could watch. She jokingly said that the store didn't have a dressing room. She winked at me and went back to moving up and down on the vibrator.

Shocked I continued to watch my wife, opting not to cause a scene by making her stop. Besides she was to far gone to stop. The look of pure lust on her face told the story about how she felt, and who was I to ruin that.

I watched my wife as she let go of the desk and reached over into the clerks lap. She wrapped her hand around his stiff **** and started moving her hand up and down his. She was in rhythm to her movements on the vibrator. It was then that I noticed my erection straining in my pants. We had talked before about including others, but I didn''t expect this.

My wife continued playing with the clerks ****, as she raised herself off the vibrator. She moved closer to the clerk using both hands to play with his ****. Again the front door buzzer went off, becoming a distraction. The young clerk holding the door suddenly moved away letting go of the door.

Instinctively I stepped over to prevent the door from shutting. My reaction was two fold; one was to keep the door from locking me out, and my wife in. The other was the arousal, wanting to watch what my wife was doing.

I panicked when I heard the clerk say, "Hello deputy". I swung my head around to see a uniformed sheriff's deputy standing at the stores entrance. Looking at the clerk, I watched as he waived to the deputy. I instantly thought to myself, that we were in deep trouble if we got caught. Survival instincts kicked in as I began to let the office door close. The clerk told the deputy that everything was OK, that it was another slow night. The deputy waived back, turned and headed for the door.

I quickly reached back and stopped the office door from closing, nearly pinching my fingers in the door itself. As I opened the door, I stepped back in the doorway to hear my wife moan. I turned to look back at the entrance because of how loud she was. Looking back I saw the clerk at the entrance. He raised his thumb up, indicating that the deputy had left the building.

Back in the office I was completely stunned by what saw. My wife was sitting on the edge of the desk. The clerk, Jerry was standing between her legs, she had one hand on the desk and the other around his waist. She let go and leaned back resting her elbows on the desk. When they parted a bit Icould see that Jerry's **** was burried inside my wife's *****.

My wife turned her head to face me. She acted as if she was looking right through me. Her face flinched as Jerry pushed forward, pushing his hard **** deep inside her. He continued doing so, causing my wife to become very vocal begging him to **** her.

Jerry continued to push his **** into my wife causing her to twist and turn in the desk top. I continued watching them when the door behind me suddenly moved. The other clerk had opened the door wide enough to look inside.

His eyes opened wide when he saw what was going on. He licked his lips, holding his breath as he watched his co-worker ******* my wife hard and heavy. It wasn't long before my wife started screaming in ecstasy. She screamed her way through an incredible *******. About the time hers subsided, Jerry pushed deep into my wife, standing up on his toes. He let out aloud moan as his whole body went ridged. He was filling my wife's ***** with his ***.

When Jerry began to relax, he leaned down next to my wife. He said something to her in her ear. She turned her head looking past me towards the younger clerk. She smiled and said, "Sure, I'd love to be the one who takes his storeroom cherry". With that Jerry pulled back with a loud plop. I could see his **** glistening with a combination of his *** and my wife's juices.

Jerry pulled up his pants, looking this partner saying, "You''re up". The young clerk held out his hand resisting the offer. My wife chimed in begging him to **** her with his young ****.

Needless to say he did not need to be asked twice. The younger clerk moved forward lowering his pants exposing his ****. I was amazed at his size. His **** hand to be 10 inches long, as wide as my wife's wrist, with a large purple head. My wife's eyes lit up when she noticed his size.

The young clerk stepped up to the desk. He rubbed the head of his **** along the entrance to my wife's *****. He was coating the head of his **** with juices remaining from his co-work. Once it was wet enough he starting pushing into my wife. At first I though he wasn't going to fit, but he slowly continued to guide his **** inside her.

My wife adjusted herself on the desk, spreading her legs out wider. This seemed to help, because the clerk was able enter her fully. Enter her he did, pushing his entire length into my wife until his ***** came to a rest against her ***.

My wife screamed out in both pain and pleasure, as her eye rolled into the back of her head. The young clerk pounded away causing my wife to experience another great ******. This kid was in great shape, he proved that by continued to **** my wife at a steady pace. It seemed like forever had past, when he pulled out grabbing hold of himself.

With a couple of forceful tugs the clerk shot a thick stream of *** across my wife's chest. His *** went over her shoulder and landed in her hair. I was impressed at his ability to ********* with such force. His second shot land under my wife's chin and trailed off between her ****. He shot several more streams of *** which all coated my wife's blouse and breasts, before he took a step back.

As the younger clerk was getting dressed, the older one left the room. He reappeared as my wife was staggering around trying to get her jeans back on. The older male was holding a plastic bag open, motioning for me to place the videos I had in the bag. I dropped several of them into the bag. When my wife got her jeans back on, he handed her the bag saying, "It's on the house". He then handed me a VHS tape, and told me the samething.

My wife picked up her heels carrying the gift bag, she staggered out of the store to our car bare footed. I followed right behind her with my single tape in hand.

I assisted my wife getting into the car. I drove back to the Bad & Breakfast, as fast as I could. My head was spinning over what I had just witnessed. Once back inside our room I turned to my wife and asked where that came from. She started to apologize for her behavior. I told her not to be sorry, that I had just watched the most exciting / erotic thing I had ever seen.

My wife and I spent the remainder of the night in bed. Though she was a bit sore, we had the most amazing sex we had ever had. We even played with several of the toys that she had been given / earned. I had never loved my wife more than I had that night.

At the end of the week we returned home completely refreshed and ready to get back to work. The first night home, after work we sat down in our den with our after dinner drinks. While she made dinner, I retrieved our old VHS recorded out of storage.

As we sat back and enjoyed our beverages I put on the tape that I received from the store clerk. We were surprised to see that the tape contained security footage from the store. The tape was split into two screens; one of the stores interior the other was a view of the office.

My wife and I sat through the entire video of that night. After it was over we had incredible sex right there on the couch. Once we were finished, said asked, " Who was that hot ****"? She followed that up with, "When can we go on vacation again"?

We are currently looking for a vacation spot. Which of course needs to have a video store near-by.......

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