Late Start (True Experience)

My wife and I had several ********** with one of her girlfriends when we first got together. It ended when her friend got married and we had kids. Our youngest moved off to college this year, leaving us in the empty nest. We have talked about playing with others again for years but didn't really try with kids around the house. So recently the conversations have resurfaced. A few nights ago we were out at an adult store (see our story -Negociations) came home and haf some great sex. Since that night my wife has admitted that she is ready and wants to play again. We have since been trying to figure out the best way to start, but be very discrete about it due to my job. Last night my wife was out shopping for something to wear to a X-mas party this weekend being hosted by a classmate. She too has returned to school (college) fulltime to finish her degree that she started 20 years ago when she was 18.  Her classmate said that there should be a large group; evenly split between singles and couples. So after shopping, my wife asks if I'm totally sure about playing around again. I told her I was if she was. She was relieved that I answered that way. She showed me a new knee high red dress that she bought, which is low cut in the front. Then  her new shoes, which are high heels of course. She then shows me her new bra, panties, and seemless stockings from Victorias Secret that shes pllanning on wearing underneath her new dress. I was excited as hell and told her I was excited that we were actually going to try this. With one of her seductive looks she said, "I got one more thing for the party". I asked what else could there possibly be. She confirmed one more time that I was OK with this. After seeing what she is going to be wearing, all I could say is, "Hell yes I'm good with it". Thats when she reached into her purse and showed me that she had bought an assortment box of condoms. My wife can't have anymore kids; so she planning on entertaininga male this time. Cant wait til Saturday. Check back and I'll let you in on what happens. ;)
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I knew my wife was serious about being with other men when she started carrying condoms in her purse. I have had a vasectomy, so she wasn't carrying them in case we had spontaneous sex away from home.)

Wow ! what a sexy hot wife you have ! id love to hear more about the party !

Hot story....Anxious to read the rest of the X-mas story. Please add me to your list of friends.