Part Of Fantasy Play

On the heels of the story I shared, "It could happen", am sharing this. My wife and I have talked the past few years about a MMF. It has become a part of our love making. Not every time mind you, but some of those hot special times.
The idea of her experiencing two ***** is something I was surprised to discover she was open to, after years of this being so taboo. She in fact will at times be the one to bring up the subject. The, "OMG, gush moments during sex".

Oddly swinging, or FMF, is something she wants no part of. Me with another woman is out of bounds. Yet her, being pleasured by two *****, well she likes that thought.

Of course this is all fantasy play. We will make up story lines etc. between the sheets.
She really is a good girl, and I have been nudging her along.

One of my E.P. friends suggested I point out guys at the mall and ask, "what about that guy? would you do him?" just to engage the fantasy, bringing things closer. She would just blush, and become red faced, not respond verbally.

It progressed a bit by me asking her to tell me, what guy would you like, some big **** perhaps?

She made it clear certainly not with a stranger. Nor a friend, just awkward and uncomfortable. Fears of a friend, his possible attachment and complications. I did suggest the fear of complicated emotional attachments might be removed by including more than one man.

"What if we picked out a couple of our male friends we know have **** needs and you took care of them?" Did make her think, the no strangers stance was invoked. Have talked about a few guys we know. Just fun talk nothing more.

Not really many options then.

However, in part of our play we have viewed ***** together. She was willing to look and comment about ***** with me, (not them), about guys through photos posted. All our fantasy play.

We did respond to one guy and sent him photos of her **** explaining our fantasy. Him knowing this was strictly for our fantasy enjoyment, heard him describe his desires. He responded with a story about what it would be like. She did enjoy this. Our exchange ended at that point. She again sure she would never want this with a stranger.

Will say her looking at other ***** is something that has been a step that adds to our play.
It does bring things closer toward reality. Does make her have more desires, brings our play fantasy into more reality, just not with a stranger she insists.

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You might try a guy she works with. Or maybe a guy she sees around

I think all wives would love to experience more ***** if they were sure it didn't effect their lives.

Sounds a lot like the way my wife started too.

Hope the hot talk gets you both going when you are having sex. And perhaps one day the right combination of non stranger/ non friend will be there when she is in the mood to take that second **** for real.

I have been doing similar things with my wife.I have in the past been the lucky guy sharing a mans wife and like you I would now enjoy watching my wife take a hard ****.Maybe with time,in the mean time we just enjoy fantasizing and watching some ********* ****.I also tell her how much it arouses me when she points out a guy she thinks is hot.

Would love to see your wife's breasts.

i'll volunteer...

What fun!

I think I'm going to take a page out of your book, so to speak! These are great ideas for getting my wife to open up to this idea. Thanks! And I'm sure it has spiced up your bedroom - that's great!! Keep it up.

When you are out and you ask her "what about him?" she must be getting hot. As part of the fantasy, have her unbutton a couple buttons while walking around or stting. Have her try on sexier clothes than she might typically look at, mini skirts and sheer tops - especially without a bra, and model them for you at the store. Some other guys will undoubtedly see her and you can ask her again... what about him? All in fantasy but actually getting her to let others see her hot body.

Great ideas, Acco.

You have made great progress getting her to look at other men's *****! I hope you can continue the play along and keeoing the thoughts in her mind, you never know when the right guy and time could happen, Love your stories! Your wife sounds hot!

Thanks!! Last night we had some drinks.. during the heat of the moment She confessed her fantasy of being gang banged..( with my prompting), offering her thoughts that she would need to seem unwilling. She wants to appear, "a good girl". Seems this is very important. Hearing her confess this fantasy thought, was such a complete turn on to me. . Mind you it was just fantasy thoughts, and did make her ***. (she liked the fantasy thoughts).
Has my mind spinning at this point.
I would like to play with the idea.. more seed thoughts for her during sex..

How she could be a good girl and experience more than one ****..all play at this point..

I bought a very lifelike and realistic ***** to bring to bed with us. With the lights out and our whispering in each others ears it was exciting to have her holding on and stroking the ***** imagining it was another man with us. She would never have considered adding another woman to our bed but it was exciting imagining my sharing her body with another man. And I loved watching her play with the larger penis and it certainly got her very turned on.

Nothing like good fatasy play! We just notched ours up this week with sod hotel window play.