Caught My Girlfriend Laying Out Nude And Now What?

I'm discovering my girlfriend is a bit of an exhibitionist. She always dressed sexy but now seems to dress skimpier all the time. A tight low cut tank top and a mini skirt is pretty much her norm in the summer. I never told her to cover up more, but sometimes feel a bit jealous because she attracts a lot of attention. She's 20, about 5 foot 2, 100 lbs and firm C cups. Definitely turns a lot of heads.

My first taste of another guy getting a better view of her happened last summer when she was changing her shoes to put her sandals on at the river. She wasn't wearing a bra and when she bent over her shirt dropped down giving me and 2 other guys a shot of her ****. It lasted about 10 seconds and i didn't say anything when it happened. When i mentioned it to her later that day she didn't react at all. I didn't like the other guys getting a show, but i didn't blame them for watching and i didn't bring myself to try to stop it. The funny thing is, the more i thought about it over time, the more i liked the idea of them getting to see.

She likes to layout in my backyard in a little bikini sometimes, but a week ago i came home and found her in the back laying out completely nude. I was bit worried that the neighbors could see, or that someone walking in the back alley would notice. The fence in the alley has gaps and it gets a lot of foot traffic. But as quickly as i got worried i got turned on. Watching her laying out with the sun shining off the little beads of sweat on her lightly tanned body got me hard. And the idea of her getting watched turned me on like never before. Now i have all of these feelings of wanted her to get watched by other guys and not sure what to do about it.

Should i leave well enough alone or tell her i like the idea of her showing her perfect body off for others? She's pretty opened minded, but i don't think she was deliberately trying to expose herself to others, as far as i know. I'm worried she will think i'm getting too weird or make her feel uncomfortable if i tell her i want her to let other guys watch her naked. I even thought of finding a guy to look through the fence in the alley when she's sunbathing nude, maybe a friend.
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Get real, don't get jealous, that is a childish sentiment.
Get adult and admire her for her openness and respect her and enjoy her.

Thanks for the comments. Not long after i caught her laying in the buff last summer i questioned her why she did it and if she was afraid someone would see. She said she likes to get a better tan sometimes and could see if someone walking stopped to peek and could cover up, and if they caught a glimpse it wouldn't be the end of the world. I took a chance and surprised her by saying the idea of someone watching her turned me on. She tried to act like she was more innocent than me. I talked her into laying out naked again while i was home, but walked around to the alley when she thought i was in the house and peeked on her through the fence myself. It took her a couple of minutes to notice and she acted surprised, yet took several moments to cover up her crotch, and even longer to cover her top after she noticed the guy wasn't being too sly about staring. I popped my head over the fence and it was quite funny. That afternoon we had great sex and a few weeks later i finally got her to admit the thought of someone watching turned her on a little bit. A family moved into the house next to us that was empty and the teenage boy there has a room that can see into our kitchen window in front of the sink. He's upstairs so we can only see his window if we squat down and look up. A couple of weeks ago when i was on the side of my garage at night i noticed him looking down at the kitchen window while she was washing dishes. When i got in the house i came up behind her and started pulling up on her shirt and she didn't say anything and let me pull her shirt completely up (she never wears a bra at home). She thought i was acting crazy but let me take her shirt completely off and told her i wanted to watch her do the dishes topless, which she did. He got the perfect downward view of her chest. Knowing he was watching drove me crazy and now i'm hooked. I was able to pull it off a second time a few nights ago when i saw his room light on. The funny thing is when i came around the side again to see if could see him watching his light was off but on closer look i could tell he closed his shades but left them part way open. I have no idea if she even thinks she might have been watched, it seems his window is out of sight and out mind to her from what i can tell. I can't wait till this summer!

I agree with skip, I think you should let her know you findher sexy, that you love to get a peek at her body when you are out in public, so much so that you don't mind much if another guy sees something too. And that when you think about her sunbathing topless or nude at home, it makes you want to get back and pound her ***** at home...

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Just tell me where and when to show up!.. I'm betting she's a hottie!.. Bill in Va.

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