It's a Win Win Deal


I don't under estimate all the good reading can do. Kid's going berserk around the house? Calm them down with a cuddle and a story to hear. Children love to snuggle next to a parent and hear the words on the picture page. Their IQ  increases and the bonding is priceless.

 Make a memory..

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3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

It is nice because I get to work from home, so I get to spend most of my day with her. When she sees me getting stressed from work, she will walk over to me and hand me a book, that is when I know it is time to take a break. I think reading to kids from an early age is a great thing to get into. I would read to her in the womb and haven't stopped. Her dad and myself love to read, so I was trying to instill that in her as well. Reading can take you places you have never imagined.

You are doing so much good. She'll love books and will WANT to read.That's the key to loving school. it's nice she's pretending to read..she is copying Mom! What a good memory for you both.

I agree with you. I love reading to my daughter, and she enjoys it as well. She is almost 2 and her favorite thing to do is read. If I can't hear her I will most likely find her in her room with a book reading to herself, although she can't read or talk for that matter. Every night I tuck her into bed and sit there and read to her, she always gets a huge smile on her face then drifts off to sleep.