Haha, Yup.

I don't even know why, but when I read the title of this group, I was like, that totally describes me.

I totally have friends, it's just that I'm not constantly with them. I'm usually by myself when walking to the caf or to class.

I don't understand how with some people, EVERYTIME you see them, they are with other people. I mean, are their brains aligned so that they always want to do every same thing together at the same time?

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

yep. when i was in school, i'd hang out w the same 1-2 people.... if they weren't there, to the library i went! i felt out of place.. since everybody had large groups of 4+ people everyday. same w exercising... alone time w headphones :D<br />
yeah... they Are born that way (extroversion)...... they thrive off of energy of others to reach higher levels of joy. I mean.. I love hangin out w many good friends at a time, but there are people that need it.. hence they do it every day.

I agree 100%. Wandering alone is fun and feels free..go at your own pace. Decide what adventure you'll have . I'm comfortable alone & choose a companion rarely.I appreciate my own quiet thoughts. It's all good.