I always end up on my own.. just walking around alone. Especially at places like college. I'm nearly always on my own at college.. I end up just walking around when I don't have classes wondering what to do with myself.. the people there don't seem to care about me really. So I'm just always lonely. I guess I'm just used to it now but I hate it so much... I wish I has someone else wth me.

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4 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Yeah I'd rather be on my own then with people that don't care.. because even if I did hang around with them I'd still feel so lonely. It's kinda pointless..

Aww. I got used to it. Sometimes I'd rather walk alone then accompany people that I don't have a connection with. <br />
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I grew up being a loner. Many people have left me for no reason, maybe I was unlikeable... sometimes I get paranoid and doubt myself today, but I feel like a better person now. <br />
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I feel lonely all the time.

So do I.. I go to the library and actually do work.. because I've got nothing else to do :/

I wander alone during the break too. I really feel so alone. Everyone has their own group and I feel so left out. Sometimes I go sit in the library during free time. I hate it.