Friend Come And Go.

Right now Im at a point in my life where Im taking it easy. I have no real friends at the moment. I usually find people use me for the friendship its pretty horrible, I dont think I have had real friendship yet. People use me then get bored of me and then move on. I know one day I might eventually befriend a good person. :)

JAX112 JAX112
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2 Responses May 17, 2010

i can never have any real friends either. every year i hang out with a different crowd, except this year it really hit me hard when my friends abandoned me and now im stuck trying to have people fill in my high school life

Whats weird is that the older you get the more difficult it sometimes becomes to make new friends. I sometimes think that i dont have any "real" friends either. Mine tend to turn away when i need something and come around when theyre in need. I have to believe there are good people out there though - even if, "few and far in between".