Almost There......

In my mind I have ended my 45yr friendship....but she doesn't know it yet. She knows I am extremely mad at her....and knows the reasons why............but she what she doesn't realize is...I'm done!!! It's so over! 
The letter I'm going to sent her will do the trick!
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No wonder since u r the rudest person I've met here

I recently 'pruned' away at many alleged friendships and acquaintances, ones where, after years, I found that I was carrying the relationship without due reciprocity. Now that I'm in the 2nd half of my life, I figured that I don't have the time or resources to be the friend that carries most of the load of a relationship. Henceforth, I'm looking for a generalized reciprocity that (over time) is more or less balanced.
Pls take a look at my profile, then consider adding me to your circle. Thx.

She was upset and claimed she has memory lose issues so she doesn't remember what happened as to why I'm upset. Funny. But I received an email from her just this week. I didn't respond and have no plans to.

That tone has a huge implication of her crossing the line with some one you were close to

It must be serious to end after 45yrs<br />
I hope you are alright

Wow...I hope it goes ok for you! ((hugs))