I Have To Let Her Go

Today I did a lot of thinking and i eventually told my best friend that i wanted to end our friendship. This was out of the blue, but i had to tell her what i was feeling. i told her that i had strong feelings for her, but that we could never be because of how her dad controls her life and how she isn't  independant. It feels at times that Im stupid because i am interested in a girl who is 16, when i am about to be 20 in 2 months. I know this relationship could never happen because of her dad. He controls her whole life, and doesn't ever let her see me. I ended our friendship tonight abruptly.  I feel like enough time will go by and ill forget about her sometime. Ill be starting college in a month and soon ill forget about everything and everyone. She really meant alot to me..but i have to let her go. Its only for the best.
Brokenhearted33 Brokenhearted33
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 12, 2010

That's sad it had to be that way.