Friendships Are Overrated

i have always cherished my friendships. not once have i had any argument with a friend. my ego never came in the way. but now i feel like i was wrong to believe that friendship is based on mutual love. i say this because i just experienced the roughest 2 months of my life that ended in my breaking off from my friend. my best friend. it hurts. i mean friendship is not a give and take relationship. it should'nt be. you shouldn't keep record of the things you've done for the other person and expect things in return (for the record i probably win there i just don't remember that's all). most of all how can you just throw away something as precious and beautiful as this thing over a minor thing that doesn't even matter. i just believe that this incident has completely taken away my trust in frienships. its worse when you've tried everything to work it out.  and the worst is after all that has happened she has moved on so fast i believe she never actually considered me anything and i was just a fool stuck in a oneway relationship. sometimes i feel so lost and alone. maybe i need a break. i scared myself today. i started wishing to get into an accident or something just so i can free myself from this God forsaken situation. (i am generally not a suicidal person. dont worry ;)   ) am i going crazy? i probably am. i can't concentrate anymore. everything's just falling apart. i need support . help
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you feel like this because you are manipulated into these feelings by that socalled friend. If you know that you did your best than let her be the one to feel like you do. She is the one that looses, you only won. Because being friends with someone that doesnt deserve your friendship is always al loss. Cutting yourself of from these types is always a win. Never give too much, you really need to keep a record of the giving and taking part from now on (in mind). Thats how it works with 'normal' friends who arent real friends. In case you find a real friend, it wont be neccessary to keep track of the giving and taking. You are better of without now. You be your own best friend. Thats all that matters.