Lost a Best Friend.

We were the best of friends. Actually, she was the first friend who really know me inside out. She was my teacher and the sister I never had.

We knew everything there is to know with each other. Though we only knew each other for four short years, it seems like we have known each other forever.

We fell in love with each other. Common friends rooted for this relationship. That friendship has been a foundation of our relationship. I believe that every relationship should start with friendship first, knowing this, I believed that our relationship was very strong because we had a very good foundation.

Time went on and eventually, we broke up. We were always on the verge of breaking up everytime there's a little misunderstanding or a little fight. But that one final fight on Christmas eve ended it all. We got mad at each other and we ended our four year friendship.

Now, I am so sad because I miss her. I miss my best friend. But I did not regret the move I made when I crossed the very fine line of friendship and love.

At least, I've learned something. I thank her for the memories. It was fun while it lasted. If ever she comes back to my life, I don't know if I will accept her whole heartedly, the scars are still visible and it still reminds me of how painful it was.
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2007

I am going through something similar- My friend and I were always on the verge of breaking up. Every fight was "Our Last".<br />
And then one fight...... It really was our last.

i have lost my best friend too, I am sorry you are going through this i didn't have a relationship with mine as such but i miss my friend every day and if.....I could turn back time .... but i am trying to move on but the pain will always be there i take one day at a time.