High School Girls Are Cruel.

wellll long story..im gonna try to make it as short as possible. you have to live it to really understand how hard this is.

it alll started out last september. this girl jessica and me were in class together and met basically for the first time. she had just come back from a few months of being expelled for fighting in school. we were in freshman year at our high school and we were inseperable =] everything seemed great. the summer before that september i got 2 best friends. deanna and colleen. colleen and deanna were previous best friends but they welcomed me and we became a trio. ALWAYS together . that whole summer

sooo me and jessica , deanna, and colleen became incredibly close. jessica had huge boobs and looked VERY much older than 14 years old at the time. i knew she lived ahead of her age and i loved that about her cuz i felt i could learn alot from her. she was very pretty too.

well as you may know, high school girls are very cruel. im sure theres been more experiences similar to this one , but  not quite.

well jessica and me went out one night with these two senior boys, drove around in their car, drank, ended up sleeping in their car , then ended up in the police station. she told everyone at schhol that i blamed her for the whole thing. everyone hated me. i mean EVERYONE. including my best friends deanna and colleen. i didnt even go to lunch because noone wanted to talk to me and i had nowhere to sit. it was horrible. this girl jessica is very intimidating, most people are afraid of her lol


along the way i became reaquanted with my friend amy. we went through alot together considering her best frined became her enemy over stupid drama also lol so as predicted, me and amy became inseperable best friends the rest of that year, and most of 10th grade. eventually me and jessica became friends again, after i stupidly forgave her for everything and everyone got over all the drama but me dea and coll never really got close again, only friends.


so amy was my best friend. close enough to be sisters. we had sooooo much fun together summer 06. it was just me and her. going into 10th grade together =] right now its march of 10th grade.

i basically welcomed jessica to amy and my and this new girl jaycies friendship in about february. ( jaycie moved here from texas in sept of 10th...she was in me and amys class) sooo jess tried to become all close and buddy buddyy with MYYYYY best friends. again. cuz everyone hates jess (secretly) shes soooo fake . but im also intimidated by her so i really cant say much. anyway, last weekend, they all got mad at me. now im stuck in a rut. jess told amy and jaycie that i tlk **** about them. at this very moment there all out together calling eachother "best friends" lol


 i was soooo upset but whoever reads this, let this be a lesson to you as well. NEVERRR say anything bad about ur best friends to ANYONE. cuz one small thing u say can be blown up and exaggerated completely. i know this fight is gonna end, it takes time..as ive been thru this before lol.

but please dont make the same mistakes i did with jessica...risking my best friend, over a girl who is going nowherreee with her life.

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To me at this point in life, I believe there is no such thing as a true friend sadly... middle school is all about drama, but I never get myself mixed into it, but what my best friend said to me, hurt me, because she seemed to want to end our friendship, so I did and her reply was cruel.. I think I just want to be a loner anyways, I'd be much better off than I was..

well when your 21 you wont even remember there names cause u will be to busy dating cute guys and living your fun life :) xoxo

wow thats some tough stuff there...i've never really been in that much of an arguement or betrayel of friendship, and this jess girl really IS goin nowhere with her life. shes what u would call 2 faced..

hey,<br />
For me it was middle school, where I had problems with cruel girls. High school for me was much better. But still theres a lot of drama in high school and middle school. But the good news is it will be over, once you finish. :D College you don't have to deal with that kind of stuff. Did you use real names? Just wondering if you did, in future post use fake names, it just helps protect your idendity more and keep you more anoymous.