i just don't get it... why is that you care about somebody and they go and do some real stupid ****; stupid enough that you are almost willing to go to jail over kicking their ***?
my friend, we'll call her "betsy", she has got it going on.
i mean she's pretty, she's smart, has all her limbs in tact to boot, three kids that love her and need her;
here's the thing about kids, every kid in the world... you could be the crappiest mom in the ENTIRE universe, (i've seen it over and over)and every kid (EXcEpT MinE, bUt tHaT iS anOtHeR bLog), is still gonna love and want their mom, no matter what.
but she just can't get this GUY (we'll call him "evets") from under her skin. she's got all kinds of guys just crawling out from the woodwork wanting to go out with her, but all she wants is "evets". "evets" is a backwards kind of guy.
Now, "evets" is an ok guy, except he don't work, he lives at home with his papa, he's had relations with other females while they have been "seeing" eachother; real ugly ones, fat ones, dirty ones, but he just can't quite go there for my friend betsy, who, as i've already mentioned, HAS GOT IT GOING ON!!
he doesn't work so she pretty much pays their way as it were, but if he does get some cash, does he come and spend it with her, HiS gIrLfrIenD?
Oh No He Does NOT... he spends it on those other lesser females and THEN he comes over and TELLS HER ABOUT IT!
he has some kind of a brain problem where he can't communicate sober real well, but if he gets a hit of dope, well it's all over! his eyes get real big and he cannot talk to save his ***.
he is pleasant enough as a human should be, but he isn't exactly relationship material.
but betsy, she has her sights set on him and him alone.
so it isn't getting anywhere, he's even raised a hand to her at least twice that i know of; left bruises the last time.
BIG BLACK BRUISES... and i wanted to kick his *** for that.
but betsy says "he has emotional problems" well don't we all? but that doesn't make it ok to harm eachother.
and so i guess the other day was "it" for my friend betsy.
we ran around together like we do almost every day, and we saw "evets "somewhere we didn't expect to see him.
this upset betsy a great deal. that is understandable, i guess, even though she had already said she was DONE with his B.S.
she had gotten quiet and dropped me off at my house. and i came in and went on my myspace and my Yahoo! instant messenger said offline messages, so i opened it up and there was a message from my friend betsy.

"tell my kids I'm sorry. I can't do no more. hate him"

that's all. well, that isn't right; it can't be. she JUST dropped me off.
so i look at my myspace, and there it is, the SAME damn message again.
so i call her, and she doesn't answer the phone (either phone), i knew she had conveniently sent all three kids away for the weekend and was all alone in the house.

She has tried this before...
i don't have a car, i don't have a boyfriend, mom, or any family. no one that i can call in an emergency. betsy is pretty much it. i am thinking...

..."what about the kids?"

..."what about her mom?"

...she's giving it all up...


no effing way.

i call up an old friend who has a car and lives nearby and (thank god), she drives over here real fast.(of course it seemed like forever, cuz MY BEST FRIEND MIGHT BE DYING!!) we get over there to betsys house,
and i knocked, no answer, so i try the knob... it's open. so i walk in; she'll have to get over it if she catches me. i call her name, no answer. i call it again, the same. her bedroom is right off the living room and so i try that knob... LOCKED! so i call her name over and over, i am frantic.
i look around the house for something to pop the lock with, to no avail. so i start pounding on the door really hard and yelling "betsy if you don't open this ******* door right now i am calling the cops, i mean it!"

i hear a faint shuffling noise inside the room.

"betsy, open, now!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

i hear a sigh and the bed creaks as betsy is getting up to let me in.
when i get in the room, there they are: her pill bottles. (she has access to some really strong "knockyerdickinthadirt" type pills). and there's some missing, not all of them, but enough to put a serious hurtin' on someone.
so i ask her "how many?" and she won't answer. i ask again and again, "how many" still no answer.

so i said:
"tell me you didn't do something stupid"

she wont.
all she says is "i just want to go to sleep".

so i told her i had "no choice but to call 9-1-1-".

as i am on the phone with the dispatcher, she is finally starting to stir. i told them i have no idea what she has done... i couldn't just let her kill herself...
she has three babies that need her (and mE).
at first she denied, denied, denied, but finally consented to a trip to the ER.
i was going to meet them there, i was so glad she was getting help,
but so pissed that i had been pLaYEd. by my friend betsy.
i am always there for her. on her side. no matter what. but all this for "evets"?
because of "evets"?
i never went to the hospital. i was too pissed;
we are supposed to be grownups, this is stupid ****.
you need help. get help.
you need attention, get over it!!!
as for the kids being better off without you, it aint true. unless this kinda **** is ever going to happen again.
cuz your kids need a mom not some piece of i-don't-know-what-you-would-call-that...
not over any guy, but especially not over "evets".
now i don't know where we go from here; i do love her with all my heart. and you don't just stop loving someone.
but she told people that she never took any pills that day, basically that i blew stuff out of proportion.
hold the **** up! what was that **** in my myspace?
i know what i read, and i know what it was supposed to imply, and i didn't overreact.
so i haven't spoken to her in 2 days which is a long time for us because we usually see eachother evErY SIngLe dAy.
but i just can't seem to pick up the phone to call her. maybe she'll read this blOG.
and if anyone else saw it or read it, thank you for your time and patience as i try to sort all this out on my keyboard.
i still don't know what i am supposed to do next.

breezybidj breezybidj
46-50, F
Mar 27, 2007