I Hated 2 End This Friendship

I had the BEST FRIENDSHIP in the word,Till oneday my cuz had 2 move away from her and thats the only way I saw my best friend in the world!And now She dont call or talk 2 me in school only say Hi,I need adivce Is she really my friend or just my ex best friend....... 

                                                Please HELP I NEED ADIVCE!

love2singgurl love2singgurl
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 1, 2007

Well I don't know what happened because I don't understand the situation. Your cousin left and that is why your friend doesn't talk to you? Anyway I think that there could be a chance to fix it but you two have to talk. Talk about what is bothering you guys that made you stop talking, make some small compromises if need be and find a solution. If she is stubborn and is not willing to work at it, go find someone else to be bestfriends with. You have to both want to be friends if it is going to work. Good Luck! Hope it works out.