Bad ..

It was bad. It was really bad. She took advantage of me, got me under her control, and I alienated all my friends, my real friends. The ones who were there for me. I said and did things that make me cringe now. All I had was her, and her fake friendship. She told me I was fat and ugly, but I stood with her anyway. I don't know how she got me to do this. She told all my secrets, but I confided in her anyway. She was never there when I needed her, but I stood by her side anyway. But there's a way out. I realised I needed help and I ended the friendship. It was an unhealthy friendship. Now I am fighting a long and hard battle, she's absolutely horrible to me, everyday. I know I should just give in, but I'm never going back to that friendship, never.
YouBlockhead YouBlockhead
May 15, 2012