He Was My Best Friend

So here is how everything went down. A couple of years ago I met this guy through a good friend of mine and we kind of hit it off immediately. To me it was pure fun cause I felt I could finally be crazy and not have to worry about being judged. He was just as crazy as I was and we felt we could be ourselves around each other. We would call each other names and not be offended by it and at the beginning we got along great. It took me maybe six months or so to open up to him and say that I could really trust him(which is rare on my end). He was always accepting of me and loved me for who I was. I would say months after developing our bond we started arguing(which surprised me). He would constantly try to pick a fight or **** me off(which I would ignore). I never really gave into because I knew he had some issues(which I will not disclose) and I have a lot of patience with people. After a year of our friendship I ended it because at that time I didn't want to deal with his drama. That only lasted three days cause we really missed each other. So we were fine for a few months then we had this huge fight which caused us to call it quits again. About a month and a half later a mutual friend was trying to talk us into becoming friends again which did eventually happen and the fighting seemed to have stopped. He stopped trying to **** me off and calmed down. We were good for a while and things seemed to have gotten better between us. But earlier this year...you can say things changed again. I have the tendency to get really distant from people and I guess he wasn't use to my "cold" side and when I disappeared for about a week or two he became furious and kept nagging at me for a few days. As much I as I loved my ex best friend I just couldn't take it and at the spur of the moment I cut ties...again. It has been four months since I last spoke to him and I do feel relieved. I will admit this much, I still have love for him and I hold nothing against him and I do(from the bottom of my heart) wish him the very best. :)
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