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We were best friends since the first day of high school ages ago, back then I was really shy.My friend was the outgoing one,popular with the guys and all of that, when she was 14 she started living with a guy-nothing changed her mind about it- she always said "Candy, do as I say and not as I do".

A few years ago she migrated so we kinda lost contact but she came back while I was going through a really bad time in my relationship and apparently someone who knows someone, who kows someone else said - I broke my boyfriend's car window and spent the night in jail - I wish I had the courage to, cause the bastrard was cheating. Anyway she calls me up and ACCUSED me of doing such...I mean we have been friends for ages I expected her to know better-she is the crazy who would do something like that-needless to say I was/am deeply disappointed that my best friend would even think that I did it-even if I did she 's suppose to be holding my hand saying 'Good! Did u get all the windows"-that's what best friends are there for- So since then I've kept my distance I don't feel comfortable talking to her anymore.Am I overreacting ???


Candita Candita
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3 Responses May 5, 2007

I don't think you are over-reacting either. Best friends are suppose to accept BOTH the good and BAD, and in this case you didn't even do the BAD. Well all I can say, is as hard as it might be, losing friends are part of life ( i speak from expierence) and it is extremely painful. You might not like what I am about to say, but honestly as cliche as it sounds it is HER loss. And in time she MIGHT figure it out, if she does and comes back to apologize you MIGHT let her back in your life BUT if she doesn't in the end, was she really a friend? Friends don't hurt Friends. (imo)

Thanks.I think I've allready forgiven her, but it still hurts. When things like this happened it's hard to trust people again - u always feel as though u can't give them everything, u have to keepback a part,just in case they hurt u. Well at least that's how I feel now.

No I do not think you are over reacting at all! Your friends are supposed to believe in you! Especially one that has known you for that long. Even if you had done those things a real true friend would be there for you to try to help you work through those hard times and not judge you on your mistakes. I have had to find out over the years that people I thought were my friends really were not. True friends are very hard to come by. This is why I have aquaintences and then I have what I call my friends. There really is a big difference. She didn't do you right by turning her back on you and be quick to believe what everyone else was saying. Someday she will realize she was wrong in what she did to you. She will be the one to have to try to make ammends with you. If at that point you wish to forgive her then do so but tell her how she made you feel and let her know that she is going to have to trust you if she wants to be your friend again.