I Wish I Could Rewind Time

I told my bf that we should just be friends and she got mad now she's not my friend no more and i try to talk to her but she ignores me and i'v tried every thing but she still won't talk to me and i wish she knew how much i miss her
Jouan Jouan
18-21, F
4 Responses May 13, 2007

I know how you feel...I was friends with one of my best friends for over 20 years to, and I had to end the friendship. Basically it was a one sided friendship..whenever she needed me I was always there but when I needed her I was like a bother or a inconvenience like my problems did not matter, only hers. As well as her only calling me or seeing me on her time. You just realize who is a TRUE friend..I put up with it for a long time, but then realized this person does not deserve me in her life. I have ended other friendships as well...I am to the point in my life that if you are not a real friend just don't bother. I prefer having one hand of real friends then alot of hands with phony friends. I am just REAL.

2 years...I had a really good friend that I had a falling out with. We didn't speak for 2 years. We are friends again. Same thing happened with my sister. She got mad at me and did not speak to me...it took about 2 years. We are talking again.

You know, sometimes, it's just the way life goes. I've decided to end a friendship that I had for 10, almost 11 years and it hurts so bad. I never wanted to hurt my friend but sometimes, you just gotta hold back the tears and let go.

I had a friend of over 20 years cut me out of her life and like you i miss her with all my heart. i understand her actions which were sadly promted by my parents and not me. We grew up together, lived together, were each other's maid of honour and then my parents did something so unthinkable to her father who was in poor health and as a daughter with great love for her father she chose to get rid of me. I don't even know if she thinks i put my parents up to this horrific behaviour, maybe she does. But this friend, was my closest friend in the world and we would laughing joke about making sure we ended up in the same nursing home at the end of our lives and create havoc for everyone!! Well i guess you could say she was like a sister to me, so my loss of her is often unbareable. I, like you, have tried to reach out to her on many occassions, but she will not even accept my phone call. So I describe it as a *living death*. Since I know how you feel, my heart aches for you. I am still hoping that one day my friend and I will get the chance to clear the air and hopefully rebuild a friendship that was mutually beneficial to us. I can ALWAYS hope. Do whatever you can to get your friend to chat with you and if she doesn't let her go her own way, cherish the time you had with her, and ALWAYS have hope that sometime down the road it might be reapirable. Good Luck!!