I Ended a Friendship With My Neighbors

I ended a friendship with my nieghbors because I started to suspect that something was VERY wrong with them.  Basically I have a 5 1/2 year old son and 4 year old daughter and they have a 6 year old daughter they adopted when I had my son.  My son and theyre daughter became very close and were inseperable.  Then about a year ago (last summer) I noticed some very odd behavior, my son started to dress in girls clothing and taking off his clothing.  Then when theyre daughter was at my home she would take off her clothes.  She would also lock her and my son in the bathroom (my son has high functioning autism so they knew of my sons disability).  I would unlock the door and find thier daughter with my son's pants down saying she needed to "wipe him" after using the bathroom.

They would also bathe my son with thier daughter when he was over at thier house claiming the kids got dirty from playing outside.  This did concern me.  then one day the mother showed me about 10 pictures of thier daughter she thought was "cute" and they were ALL with thier daughter naked.  One of her with a paper bag over her head and so on.  I did not say anything but felt very uncomfortable.  then I also started to notice that their daughter would play in thier hottub with no clothing on with them in the afternoons.  She is six years old now but then she was five and VERY large for her age (looked about 9years old) I was very concerned. They would do really odd things before this type of behavior, one example is about 2 years ago I had a wonderful dog by the name of Brandy who was 12 years old and died from a stroke.  I was devastated and told them that.  Then about 2 months later they had thier dog "euthanized" claiming that a neighbor down the street told them that when thier dog was loose he attacked the nieghbors dog.  So after taking the neighbors word for it they had the dog put down and the wife said she regretted it the next day.  Well about a month after that (3months after my Brandy died) they bought a blonde puppy (my dog was blonde too) and guess what they named the dog?? Brandy!! I had told her when my Brandy died that it even hurt me to hear her name.  Well being a fool that Iam I didnt say anything and I let it go.  But after the inappropriaprate behavior by thier adopted daughter I decided to cut them off.  Well in December the mom decided to ask me why and I told her why.  she seemed understanding.  But then in February me and my kids were outside playing in the driveway and the husband came over and began to yell at me "So your not talking to us now?!?!" I explained why and he got all creepy saying "So were nieghbors and our kids can't play?? What am I supposed to tell our daughter when she is dreaming about your son and he and you are her pretend playmates?" I was like "HUH?!?" so you dont find her behavior inappropripriate nor her being in the hottub with nothing on (there is a two story house behind them with teenage boys that have a perfect birdseye view of thier hottub BTW" and he was like no.  What is the deal with that?!? He kept on yelling at me and my kids were crying and saying they were afraid of him.  I held my ground and told him "you are not going to intimidate nor force my child to play with yours" and then he walked away.  Funny thing is now they have put up thier house for sale (He supposodly got a job out of state so the wife is trying to sell thier house) Be honest everyone, doesnt this type of behavior seem odd to you?? You know now that my son doesnt hang out with thier daughter he no longer takes off his clothes nor dresses like a girl.  I have had friends and family tell me to report them to social services but I havent because quite frankly Im afraid of the husband he seems like a loose cannon to me.  On top of all of this the wife is a public school first grade teacher at my son's homeschool (he doesnt attend that school thank god) but she has had teachers come by her house and boy you should see the looks they give me.  She is a liar this i know I caught her in lies when we were friendly, once she told me thier former nanny "turned on them" and cut them off completely.  Well two months after that I ran into thier old nanny and she asked me how they were and told me she no longer took care of thier daughter because she adopted a mute autistic son and told them when she did.  So see?!? the wife obviously lied.  Now whenever she does have people over not only do they give me ugly looks they will park in front of my house and have my nieghbors daughter ride her bike back and forth with them and one day they were calling my son's name to show him she was riding with other friends (the parents were riding with them and encouraging this!?) so I feel not only has she told her teacher friends who knows what, I worry about MY reputation with the public school system, feeling that my son can NEVER attend his homeschool because of the lies she spread about me because she is mad about me telling them the truth.  Yknow I was even outside with my kids one day and the principle from the homeschhol came by to visit my niehbore(I recongized her) and thier daugther said VERY loudly "Were moving because that lady next door is mean and making us_ what is up with that??!!? I just need for you all to tell me what you think, I feel Imade the right decesion for my family to cut these people off, now Im just praying (literally) that someone buys thier house and they leave, any suggestions?!?!


KevnKaysmom KevnKaysmom
36-40, F
May 15, 2007