"A best friend that I guesse I'llnever always will"

I don't really know if i'm pointing out my best friend back in high school or myself at this moment of time for typing that phrase.Well actually that comes from our favorite friendship song back then but until now it remains still as one of my favorite because it really reminds me of all our memories together.Actually she's the sweetest best friend i've ever had.She's that kind of person u can lean on at all times.Someone who will care for u no matter what happen.She can make u laugh whenever u are sad & surely the one who'll offer her helping hands when u are in trouble.And as her best friend I'll surely do the same for her.But during our senior years she changed......maybe just because i can't accept that she's really enjoying having a new company doing the same stuff they both like.And  at some point during that time that we already don't know what's happening to our friendship.It came to a certain point that i told her that since she's enjoying her new friend's company I must let her go which means that we're not best friend anymore.She told me that we can try again but i told her that's impossible because lot of things already changed.Since then we barely talke.And day before our graduation I just sent a letter & in response she did the same.But don't u know that i'll lied if i told everyone that i never regret doing such thing because everytime i meet a new friend i'll surely remember her & the friendship we've shared."I've lost the  sweetest best friend i have because i'm afraid to take the chances".

pritzy pritzy
22-25, F
1 Response May 22, 2007

I don't think either one of you were at fault because the friendship ended. I have noticed over the years especially when you are still young that friends grow apart much like lovers do. It sounds like you are both good people but that maybe your interests are not the same anymore. When this happens you can still remain friends if you like. Its just normal that the two of you may not be as close as you used to be.