Tough Love

I ended my friendship with a dear friend. I miss her, but I feel I have done the right thing.

She had issues with other friends that ended abruptly, but I thought really nothing of it. The way she stated things, I thought the others were in the wrong and just crappy people.

There were rumors she was using people for prescription drugs, I didn't see it. That didn't seem like her. But then I started getting angry with her. Never leaving me alone, wouldn't take no for an answer when I'd say I wasn't in the mood for company.

Then that turned to she never had cigarettes, always needed to bum off me. I was literally just giving her a pack or two a week. That irked me seeing that she & her husband made over $100,000 and me & my husband made about half that and were making double mortgage payments to catch up from when my husband got laid off work. I ended up having to lie, say I quit, and hide our packs when she would just pop in. That still didn't stop her. She would then text me asking what I was doing and ask me to buy her a pack on my way home. I would either ignore those or say I never got the text.

Then my brother had surgery, he got hurt at work. I happened to talk to her about it. She had the nerve to ask me if I could get some of his pain pills for her. I said no. She was always super curious about what was going on in my family and who had prescriptions.

She had trouble getting pregnant, and had been trying for awhile. Suddenly she was pregnant. I was happy for her. But then she TOLD me I was throwing her a shower. I told her I would do the best I could, but money was tight. she made a list of everything that she wanted this and that. The budget ended up being almost 7000 dollars. I don't have that kind of money. I have 2 children and a family that comes first. And I told her that. She got angry but eventually came around. But still I was doing all this work and I was still putting a lot of money into it. Money I did not have. and only to have 4 people show up out of 40.

I got hurt at work and I had to be sent home and I was on bed rest for a few days. I got sent home but I needed to pick up my prescription of vicodin. She offered to pick it up for me so I said okay. After she got off work she stopped by my house and I noticed that the Vicodin was already open. she gave me a couple and then asked if she could have one because she had a really bad headache so I said okay. And I told her I was going to take a nap and she ended up leaving. I checked my meds after she had left. The bottle said 40. I counted 32.

I am a pill hoarder. I will only take something if I absolutely need it. And I keep a very close track of how much of something I have. In 2 weeks time I had taken only 10 vicodin. I should have 22 left. I only had 11. at this point I started hiding my meds in weird places. Then I noticed when she come over she did ask me where it was and then start trying to go to my medicine cabinet. I told her they were all gone. This made me very angry not only was she stealing my meds that I needed but she was also pregnant. She didn't seem to care about her baby just getting her pill fix.

her pregnancy ended up being a high risk. She needed help driving to a special hospital which was an hour and a half away. So I went with her. When she would talk to the doctor she would lie and talk about how much pain she was in. Then she would talk about how she is allergic to tylenol with codeine. And that the only thing that works for her was vicodin. By this time, I knew she had a problem. I was trying to distance myself from her as much as I possibly could.

my daughter had to have her adenoids, tonsils, and tubes done at the hospital, and my so called friend found out about it over Facebook. She stop by to see how my daughter was doing and while I was in the bathroom, she started going through the meds. I came out and saw her and ask her what she was doing. She said she had a headache. I took the meds away from her and I said those are for my daughter and you are not supposed to be taking those your pregnant.

since that time I have really cut off contact from her I don't talk to her. She messages me on Facebook and text me about how she misses me and she misses our friendship. But now I wonder if it ever really was a friendship. Looking back at all the issues that she had with past friends, they would say that she was taking drugs from them and always wanting pills. I guess I should have listened to them more. She seems like a people user to get what she wants. It was never about us, it was about what she wanted from me. Not just drugs, but cigarettes, food, money, etc.
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I somewhat had the same thing except in the beginning she was a genuinely good friend, until she stared tking prescription meds then other drugs. we were best of friends for three yrs before she got out of control. our friendship ended when she was going to do something stupid, that would of ended her in jail. i tried to intervene, she got so mad, things were done and said that couldn't be took back. 3 yrs ltrb after no contact she saw me at the grocery store and tried to apologize but i told her i wasnt interested. that was 2 months ago. last fri, i found out that she had died the sunday before. Needless to say, i have mixed emotions.

Oh wow. That's sad. I understand having mixed emotions on that. I'm sorry.