A Useless One, I Guess..

i met this girl bout 2 years ago, and we get along pretty well. i thought that she really understand me, and at some point, i thought i have found a good friend, a really good friend. but problems strikes, and before i even get to help her, she accused me in doing something which is really unacceptable. i was surprised, and i get really angry because of the lack of trust in the relationship. before i know it, we have not been talking for 2 months now..and what i know is, i am happier this way. my last words to her - thanks 4 the memories..! 
hazsha hazsha
18-21, F
2 Responses May 30, 2007

ya..things happen. as long as we are happy, and we know we did nothing wrong, it's useless to think of those kind of things right? ;)

i'll have to remember ur last comments to her, i have an ex-friend (lives next door) and after spending at least 1 hour EVERYDAY for coffee and chat she cut me off, and to this day i haven't a clue why. i have reached out to her on 3 diff't occassions via the phone, saying its been so long lets get together for coffee and she won't even return my call, oh well. BUT one day when we are both out front, i will DEFINATELY use ur line, it's perfect and like u i feel better with her out of my life, she was a real drama queen. Besides why waste tour time on people whose final actions are not friendly but mean WE both have better things to do with our time!!